Our scholarships

The Sten K Johnson Foundation offers a grant programme in seven different areas. The grants are in the amounts of SEK 15,000 to SEK 300,000 in each of the areas.

Grant applications should include a specific, carefully defined project with a detailed and clear plan as well as time plan, budget and defined goal. Applications will be judged on innovation, benefit to society and the depth of cross border thinking.

Since 2013 the foundation has awarded 650 grants with a total of 82 miljon SEK.

Applicants must live and/or be active in Skåne, Sweden.


Grants can be applied for projects that are general education or in different ways develop initiatives that raise people’s understanding capabilities, moral and ethical perception. Initiatives with a high cultural level that experience difficulties in reaching a general audience will be prioritized. An example of this can be giving lectures.


Grants can be applied for projects with innovative ideas of medical importance, such an initial verification of a project, to demonstrate its functionality, effect and/or market acceptance. Projects based on knowledge from several disciplines and which challenge conventional methods will be given priority. The scholarship must have a decisive impact on the project’s total cost.


Grants can be applied for cutting-edge technology projects that may well (but not necessarily) be at the intersection between different disciplines and, where interaction brings about synergies or properties that otherwise would not have been possible. Scholarships in technology generally focus on projects in the early phases, where resources are needed in different ways to develop and validate the projects. Applicants can apply for scholarships for developing technology in entrepreneurial as well as research projects.


Grants can be applied to publish works by supporting a broader range of writers, or aspiring writers allowing them the opportunity to publish their work and/or have it spread in a wider context. Literature with a high educational or cultural level, but experiencing difficulty in getting published, will be prioritized. There is also a possibility for scientists to get their publications issued.


Grants can be applied for the development and testing of new educational initiatives or teaching materials. New pedagogy will be evaluated on the basis that it makes learning easier, more efficient and/or fun. Projects will be encouraged to utilise different disciplines so as to introduce or test new non-established pedagogical approaches and tools. Applications must clearly specify how the new teaching methods will be used. Scholarships will generally focus on projects in the early stages of development, where resources are needed in a variety of ways to develop and validate the project.


Grants can be applied for classical music, jazz, song or music for brass orchestras. Some examples are music projects such as concerts, musicals or recordings. Scholarship can also be awarded for research projects, lectures or publications.


Grants can be applied for projects in the early phases of development. Projects that have cross border thinking, and multi-disciplinary approaches will be prioritized. Some examples are patent applications and start-ups or the verification phase before a commercial launch.