Dare to think differently
New horizons need new solutions. The Sten K Johnson Foundations provides financial assistance to those who choose a different path.
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Sten K Johnson Foundation

Sten K Johnson Foundation wants to reach out to individuals, organizations and companies (with a link to Skåne) who have vision and drive to develop projects in education, culture, technology, medicine, entrepreneurship, literature and music. In Sten K Johnson’s spirit, the Foundation shall support ”cross border” initiatives and innovative individuals who dare venture into untested landscape to develop new ways forward.

Dare to think differently

A fundamental prerequisite for the development of both society, culture and business is that there are individuals who dare to think differently. By challenging old patterns and find alternative ways forward, their initiative opens new worlds that we never otherwise would have had access to.

Sten K Johnson Foundation honors and supports individuals who with courage and decisiveness dare to try different approaches in order to develop the discipline that the applicant acts within. The Foundation welcomes applications with the aim to give the new and untried a chance to get attention in a wider context.

Dare to collaborate across borders

Current research and development is increasingly permeated by the realization that the intersection between different disciplines have the opportunity to make unique knowledge wins. Such interdisciplinary initiatives are based on deep basic skills, but by working together across borders creates insights, innovations and solutions that would not otherwise have been possible.

Sten K Johnson Foundation encourages collaboration across knowledge borders in order to contribute to the unique knowledge wins for both business and society.

Grant Winners 2020

To dare to think differently is one of our key concepts; the Foundation’s 8th Grant Awards took on a different shape. Instead of the traditional presentation ceremony, which unfortunately could not take place, all winners are given the opportunity to present their projects here on our website and on social media. Posting will be ongoing and if everyone wishes to participate there will be some 57 posts!


Instead of an Awards Ceremony

Finally, all decisions have been made and communicated! This year we are forced to think a little differently regarding the distribution of our grants. Instead of our traditional ceremony during midsummer week, those of this year’s grant winners who wish will be presented briefly here on the website, on FB

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The decision is fast approaching!

Now only a few weeks remain until the process of appointing this year’s  grant winners is completed. It has been, and is, a strange time for all of us, but as things look right now, we are in line with our schedule and we will be able to give an

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Difficult choices….

We are currently in the selection process to pick the lucky grant winners for 2020. Our specialists in medicine, technology and music are well on track and the council will hold its first meeting this Friday. The whole process should be completed by mid May. Very exciting reading and a

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BOOA was one of our scholarship holder in 2019. A couple of weeks ago I was invited  to the BOOA-projects lauchparty, please have a look at the first episode here !  

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