The foundation

In 2012, Sten K Johnson established a Foundation with the purpose of promoting research, development, education and culture in entrepreneurship, literature, music, medicine and technology.

The Foundation was donated 49 % of the shares in Sten K Johnson’s holding company. The Johnson family retains a long term and comfortable majority in the holding company and The Foundation will be given annual resources in terms of return on its shares.

Since 2013 the foundation has awarded 650 grants with a total of 82 miljon SEK.

This amount will be distributed directly or indirectly as grants, support, or otherwise used for foundation purposes. Future dividends to The Foundation depend on the holding company’s profits and the return on its shares.

Ansökningsperioden är alltid mellan torsdagen (12.00) vecka 3 – torsdagen (12.00) vecka 7.

The application period for 2024 is from 15PM on January 18 to 15PM on February 15.

The board
The board is composed of three members: Elna Lembrer Åström together with Anders and Kristian Bergstrand, the sons of Sten K Johnson.

The Advisory Board
The Foundation’s Advisory Board comprises Anders Bergstrand, Nicholas Jacobsson, Johan Olsson och Lisbeth Barchan. The responsibility of the Advisory Board, on occasion assisted by relevant specialists/experts, is to support the Board in the selection of applicants.