Application overview

Its a good idea to in advance know what and how much information that will be required in our online-application. Below you can see an overview of the application form.

Project description

  • Maximum 2500 characters
  • Motivate why you will succeed with your project

Basic information

  • Do you apply as a individual (personal number) or a organisation (organisation number)?
  • Name, e-mail and mobile phone number to the contact person
  • Postal adress


  • Maximum 500 characters
  • Why would you like to implement the project, motive and usefulness


  • Max 500 characters
  • The result, what you want to achieve with your project


  • Maximum 1500 characters
  • Present a time plan and activity list

Innovative value

  • Maximum 1000 characters
  • What is new with your project – what makes it unique?

Connection to Skåne

  • Maximum 500 characters
  • Requirement: You must live and/or work in Skåne


  • Specified budget
  • Total cost of the project and how much you are applying from Sten K Johnsons stiftelse
  • The maximum amount to apply for is 300 000 SEK
  • Other grants you have applied for, if and how much your project already have been granted or of you still are waiting for approval