Please read the most common questions before contacting us:

Yes, it’s not enough to have lived in Skåne before or to visit Skåne often, you have to live and/or work in Skåne to apply. The project will also have to be “useful” to Skåne.

The application can not be submitted after the application period deadline. The system will shut down automatically. You can only apply during the application period, once a year.

You can only apply electronically via our website. Applications submitted in any other way will not be not processed

You can not attach anything. If we need more information, we will contact you.

Make the budget reasonably detailed so we understand what cost items (development costs, patent, prototype, etc.) you are looking for. You can apply for a maximum of 300,000 SEK. In your budget you can specify what the different items cost and how much of this you are applying for to our Foundation. This means that your total budget may exceed 300,000 SEK, but you can only apply for 300,000 SEK. If you apply for more than 300,000 SEK, your application will be invalid.

The project can start anytime, but not after July 1st, the year after you applied, then you should apply that year instead.

The project can end at any time, but not before 30th of June this year, since before that you will not yet have received the scholarship and, according to our reasoning, then you do not need it.

It is ok to apply for different projects the same year, but the application for the first project must be submitted before you can apply for the next project, etc.

Under the general rule, grants for research and development are tax-free for the recipient. If you are uncertain, check with the Swedish Tax Agency.

Important tips when working with the application
If you are passive in the system for more than 20 minutes, you can be logged out and if you have not saved what you have worked on you must start over from the beginning. One tip is to type the text in Word first and then copy it to the application form.

Think about…
Do not apply at the last minute!