The relational work – the bridge

In recent years a gradual change has taken place in schools. A negative change in pupils’ attitude towards themselves and their potential. This is happening while more and more teachers for various reasons either burn out or lose interest in the job and a great many lack energy and joy. This is untenable, an equation that does hold together. The idea of the book is to support, acknowledge, strengthen and inspire everyone who works in the school world. With the book, everyone in the school world will be made aware what a great difference they make or can make. It’s time to reclaim commitment. Dedication rekindles passion. Passionate teachers inspire students. It’s all about questioning today’s approach where everyone is pushed towards similarity and where validation often prevails instead of education. The trend in schools is negative. More resources are not the solution. The solution is to support and make use of the amazing resources already available, both within students and teachers.