Revitalization of the Ideas Planet at the Science Centre Malmö Museums

The Ideas Planet, Malmö Museums’ science centre is filled with exciting activities whose starting point is our planet and our future. In the main exhibition, which is one of Malmö Museums most popular, there are over 50 different stations all gathered around 6 different themes – mankind, light, sound, water, wind, earth. It is about technology, energy, sustainable development and natural sciences. Surveys that have been carried out show a demand for new experiments that focus on physical challenges and interactivity. More people will be able to train both mind and body. An exciting, activating and educational outing for the public will be created. The Ideas Planet was opened in 2012 and is long due a revamp. The exhibition will become a tool for schools and for the museum’s educators. It will become a part of getting young people interested in public health and the importance of physical training.