The air we breathe: Multidisciplinary teaching of climate and air quality issues for Upper secondary schools

Climate and air quality are highly topical environmental issues that are scientifically linked to meteorology, chemistry and physics, but also strongly linked to social issues and economics. Primary and secondary school curricula include teaching about climate, the environment and meteorology. The multidisciplinary nature of environmental issues makes it ideal for integrating teaching of different natural and social sciences. The purpose of the popular science textbook is to disseminate knowledge about how environmentally hazardous pollution from emissions from cars and industries affect us daily in our immediate surroundings and in the broader perspective the climate. At the same time, it raises a student’s curiosity and insight to the fact that science can be about our daily lives and our future. Through a presentation online, the material will get a wider audience and be available for use by upper secondary school teachers, for their own further development or for use in teaching.