Starke Cycles environmentally-friendly container-bikes for city deliveries

Today, congestion, emissions and noise are a major problem in city centres around the world. The amount of transports increases year by year, e-commerce grows by 10% -20% annually in both the western world and in Asia. Starke Cycles, a bicycle which is larger than other transport bikes, can change how goods are transported in cities, to become more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly, with less congestion, noise and emissions, for city ​​centres teaming with life, commerce and socializing. The bike delivery service, MOVEBYBiKE forms the basis, which with other bike delivery services proves that it is possible. The trend of spiraling goods flows in cities is visible everywhere. Especially in Europe and the western world, it is questioned why large, dirty, noisy vehicles can take up so much space in city ​​centres.