Music in the Apple Kingdom

The company Pro Musica

The goal of the festival is to create strong cultural experiences of nature and music and arouse the curiosity of the visitor through a wonderful summer festival that offers more than expected. Here, the concert visitor can easily step in to guided walks or outdoor concerts, just as the nature lover can easily discover music and instruments they did not know existed. By uniting two normally separate interests, they help each other to be both seen and strengthened!

Ravine’s music and science series

Francisca Skoogh

A comprehensive approach to science in relation to art, culture and especially to music is lacking today, and no such project exists. Ravine is not least geographically interesting, as north-eastern Skåne does not have access to the information available in Lund and Malmö with its large universities. This project would bring knowledge and music to interested audiences who normally cannot get to big cities.

Trelleborg Piano Festival

Trelleborg Piano Festival

The overall purpose is to support and help the top pianists at the beginning of their professional career. Partly through concrete tools in entrepreneurship, partly by creating a meeting place for the exploratory pianist, a kind of development centre where pianists with different skills and backgrounds meet and exchange experiences. This is combined with outward-looking activities to offer concerts with pianists at the highest level in Trelleborg.

Disc recording with Hernqvist / Mandelmann project

Aaron Mandelmann

The purpose of the Hernqvist / Mandelmann project is to establish a modern and contemporary ensemble that in a democratic way works together with the music to get us established on the international jazz scene as a working band. A jazz band with roots in Malmö and where the music is of the highest artistic level and where the band’s members are equal from both a musical and a gender perspective.

School tour with Malmö Brass Quintet

Lois Ivarsson

Our goal is to reach out to at least 15 different schools in the countryside to entertain and inspire young people. After the concerts, we hope that the youngsters will have learned more about brass music and instruments. A dream result would be for one of these youngsters to look for an Art school and start playing. One of the goals we have with this project is also to breathe life into the music scene again after a long time of silence.

Sofielund’s Garden Concerts

Laurin Bergcrantz Music Productions AB

In the Sofielund Garden Concerts we create a new summer music scene in Malmö. Here we invite international artists as well as Malmö’s own and other Scanians. We engage Grammy-nominated artists, put together temporary constellations, create new contacts and cultivate old ones. What is unique is that the Sofielund Garden Concerts offer what we consider is good music, in a very wide concept. We affirm the unexplored as well as the traditional and let creation be the focus.

Monday Night Big Band & Rigmor Gustafsson, “THAD JONES 100 YEARS TOUR”

Monday Night Big Band

With this project, MNBB wants to pay tribute to Thad Jones for his great work in big band jazz. We also want to celebrate the release 45 years ago of the legendary album “It only happens every time” with the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis orchestra and Monica Zetterlund. We want Thad Jones’ fantastic music to reach new listeners of all ages. The project also includes a disc recording.

Recordings and performances of Elfrida Andrée’s collective works for violin and piano

Marcus Bäckerud

We want to contribute to the spreading of less established repertoires and greater diversity in Swedish classical music. By recording Elfrida Andrée’s music for violin and piano, we hope to achieve this. The recordings will be available free of charge on digital platforms so that both audiences and musicians in Sweden and the rest of the world can discover Andrée’s music. In the long run, we also hope to be able to put Andrée and Swedish classical music on the international music map.

Cantica sacra – Recording of newly written church music

Hampus Söndrebo

The purpose is to highlight the new music that is composed for the church, in the church. Church musicians have always been involved in composition and have often used the Church’s own musical treasures, such as the Gregorian chants or the Reformation chorales, as a basis for innovation. My music is often based on the Gregorian chant. This is a serious way of documenting newly composed music within the Church of Sweden in the 2020s and for me a way of managing and developing the tradition I work in.