Software that streamlines the sale of second-hand products

Minikit AB

The goal is to be able to develop and complete a software program that reduces the time spent per second-hand product handled by the company. The goal is for Minikit to be able to reduce the time expenditure by 30% and be able to offer this software to other (usually) small start-up companies in the second-hand trade, which can then become profitable more quickly.

We are Entrepreneurs

Möllans Basement

The project, We are Entrepreneurs is mainly about creating an interest in young people and young adults in entrepreneurship and a greater insight into what it is like to create your own brand, age 17 – 24 years. We offer a platform, training, a network and income-generating activities for a greater insight into one’s own obligations and rights in society for a step closer to the individual’s goals. We create entrepreneurs where young people themselves are at the helm and we the expertise. We will also tend young people’s skills in terms of computer skills and creativity.

Qfix – digital platform for repairing and caring for textiles, shoes and leather goods

Qfix AB

We want to contribute to a more sustainable textile consumption by making it easier for consumers and brands to repair and reuse textiles. Thus, contributing to goal 12 in the global sustainability goals. Further we also want to contribute to goal 10, reducing inequality by offering new jobs in Sweden, especially to skilled tailors who have immigrated to Sweden and who in many cases have difficulty entering the labour market. Finally, we want to build a good service / company that can create growth.

BarnMat – helps families with an appetite!

Kajsa Lamm

The purpose of the project initially is to help parents to a stable meal situation, right from the start. If you as a parent can leave it to the child to decide how much and in what way the child eats, you can also be sure that the child in most cases gets enough to grow and develop in a healthy way. With knowledge and joy, the whole family will thrive!

Performing Arts and Communication Skills

Berth Nilsson

Performing Arts and Communication Skills, PACS aims to develop an educational activity that is designed to help cultural practitioners meet the challenges of the future. Partly as a specifically designed course at university level and partly as renewal work of structures in a true cross-border arena. PACS has the ambition to create a forum for professional development in terms of artistic entrepreneurship, artistic leadership and cross-border artistry.

Plant-based iron proteins as unique organic sources of bioavailable iron

Ironic AB

Ironic AB offers a unique product that consists of plant-based iron proteins. These proteins are aimed at treating and preventing iron-deficiency and anaemia (IDA). The company has already characterized the proteins and established their production at large scale. Initial experiments with our proteins, using certified cell models that mimic iron absorption in humans, showed high levels of iron absorption at a comparable level to the best iron-rich sources (meat and beans). Such high absorption was absorbed also when added to foods e.g., almond milk, a common plant-based food.

Bladverkstaden is expanding

GJK Bladverkstaden AB

In summary, our business idea is based on the production of micro-greens that are sold to restaurants, grocery stores and Food Bag companies. Bladverkstaden wants to provide the restaurant industry and the grocery trade a locally produced, nutritious and beautiful product. We see a strong trend and demand for locally produced vegetables in the Swedish market, something that is in line with our business concept.