Marine Allotment

Village community at Kivik

The purpose of the project is to develop a concept for small-scale cultivation for own use by constructing an allotment area in the sea along the coast of Kivik. The project also aims to increase marine awareness and marine knowledge through courses in marine farming, as well as by establishing two information platforms in Kivik and Simrishamn. The allotment in Kivik is the first of its kind in the Baltic Sea. The benefits of such allotments are to acquire better knowledge and understanding of marine environment, marine awareness and blue proteins / food.

Homework help in Skåne where it is needed most

The Homework Help Foundation

Malmö is a city with great segregation and with several particularly vulnerable areas. We want to finance homework help for students at risk schools in Malmö during the academic year 2022/2023. Each homework-help group consists of 15 students with weak grades who need our support in their studies. To finance this in a school year, we are applying for a SEK 180,000 grant. A homework-help group with fifteen students in a school can make a big difference and not just for the students who are selected to participate.

Building right – learning from advanced theory and real examples

Henrik Danielsson

The project aims at improved cost efficiency and safety for future long span constructions focusing on wooden constructions. During the past year, the risk of collapse due to instability problems has been highlighted for several large wooden buildings in Sweden and (at least) one building has collapsed. Through the development of teaching materials on instability phenomena, the level of knowledge of designers can be improved and thus more efficient and safer buildings can be designed.

Open Optics Module

Johan Mauritsson

The purpose of the project is to improve the conditions for teaching physics with digital support in primary and secondary schools, but also introductory courses at universities. Optics is very suitable for online teaching and digital support and the modules we have developed have the potential to improve teaching and inspire more students and get them interested in physics.

“Crack the code!” Educational tools to address conspiracy theories in the school world

Hyperhelikon Ideas Consulting AB

“Crack the code!” is a project that aims to give children and young people in schools (focus 7-9 years) tools for navigating an increasingly complex information landscape characterized by social media and increasing knowledge resistance. Educators should be able to easily use the project’s results to work with the topic in school. Students should be given the prerequisites to crack the code behind conspiracy theory stories that the world is ruled by evil forces that are out to manipulate us.

The TV series The Christmas Calendar Journey

Caroline Cabot

To create a general educational and entertaining series about TV history together with production companies, based on our beloved and much talked about Christmas Calendars. The series will highlight places and people behind the Calendars, such as Hjularöd Castle in Harlösa which became “Greveholm” and Möllegården at Kulturens Östarp which became the filming location for “It will be Christmas at Möllegården” and highlight screenwriters, actors, costumes, directors and other creators who have been part of the creative process.

UNGA’s platform for digital teaching materials part II

Music in the South

We see a future where music education is appreciated for the tools it gives us to better understand ourselves and the world we live in. Music’s inherent power and significance for every human being and our culture is indisputable. This project is based on the desire to preserve and strengthen the position of music and to give children and young people the knowledge and tools they need to be able to continue to see the importance of music and culture as a fundamental part of our nature.

Edutainment videos in an upended classroom especially aimed at those who risk failing primary school mathematics / NO

Jöran Petersson

This project aims to produce mathematics / NO videos that combine good research in subject didactics with subject content that is close to the student and outside the school environment. The videos’ experiments should be easy for students to carry out themselves and should appeal to students who risk failing grades in mathematics / NO. The videos should also be able to be used in research on the effect of upended teaching design and as inspiration in teacher training.

Augmented reality when learning practical elements in dental education

Malmö University

The goal is to facilitate the dental student’s learning of practical elements in education. By bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, we hope that students will be better prepared and equipped for the treatment of patients. In addition, our hope is that students will be more motivated to absorb knowledge when it is presented in fun and innovative ways.

Digital children’s editorial offices for local journalism with Mini Bladet’s reporter school

Read and Learn McShane Education AB

The aim is to start activities in our region that help to increase the local involvement of children throughout our city, to give them tools to make their voices heard, and to encourage them to learn about the world around them, trust sources and read news regularly. Through meetings, we want to boost solidarity in different residential areas in Malmö. We want to achieve a cross-border collaboration between schools, libraries, businesses and other activities in Malmö. The work will continue to develop after the project’s end.

Peace and quiet to study for students with norm-breaking behaviour

Hanna Dresler

Our hope is that we can reduce aggressive and disruptive behaviour, which can be a risk factor for future abuse of, for example, tobacco, alcohol and drugs (ANT) and (ASPD) antisocial personality disorder, affective behaviour and in the long run crime. Today’s high school does not have the tools and resources needed to cope with these students. By using Good Behaviour Game & Inclusive Behavioural Support in School, schools can acquire concrete tools.