Påarp’s special needs primary school

Democracy is very difficult to understand for many and so also for our students who study the subject at primary school. Since it is election year this year, we have chosen to work with this now. The goal is that even our students with disabilities should be allowed to participate in democratic ideas, issues, etc. in an election. To gain an understanding in that everyone can participate and can make a change.

The Nature Detectives – facts meet fiction in children’s books about research

Susanne Pelger

The children’s books about the Nature Detectives will, through facts and fiction, present a picture of contemporary research and researchers. Scientific problem solving is like a detective story shaping how research systematically seeks answers to questions. The purpose is to contribute to a basic understanding of what distinguishes scientifically based knowledge from opinion. In this way, the books can in the long run counteract mythmaking and knowledge resistance, and instead promote education and a society shaped by informed decisions.

History through Art – production of educational films

Malmö Art Museum

The purpose of the educational films is to give high school students who do not have the opportunity to come to the museum access to the knowledge and material we use in exhibitions and workshops. The films will be able to be used by teachers in regular teaching, or alternatively serve as a preparation for the visit to the museum. The films also mean to reach students with disabilities or students with limited opportunities to participate on site.

Raoul Wallenberg Talks – an international lecture series on human rights

Altitude Meetings AB

The goal of Raoul Wallenberg Talks is to create a top-class lecture series on some of the most important topics of our time. We want to set the agenda, to strengthen democracy and human rights, reach young people and create commitment to the issues. And we want to do this at the obvious venue, in the heart of Lund, the newly built Town Hall.

“Fake news” – a mobile exhibition about the importance of accurate information


We want to influence! We want to spread knowledge regarding questions about fake news, conspiracy theories and misinformation! We want to make a change. To succeed, we believe that you need to inform, instruct and teach the young generation. Today, fewer and fewer people read newspapers or follow the news on radio or television. We hope to be able to help reverse the trend and, above all, inspire others to act in this important democratic work.

Chew on food

Jens Almqvist

The project has three purposes, all of which create societal benefits; 1) to position food as an important societal issue in the transition to a sustainable society, 2) to raise the public’s knowledge of food in a way that can be used in everyday life. It covers many aspects such as: increasing awareness about sustainable food choices; create an understanding of how food is produced and 3) to contribute to disseminating current research on food. This can apply, for example, to sustainable food choices, nutritional content and future meals.

Adult – with the power to change, the obligation to understand and the ability to act

Sara Lundgren

The main purpose is to improve children’s and young people’s equal opportunities to succeed. The organization, Adult will do this by helping, supporting and inspiring adults. I never thought of “someone else” taking care of my daughter, but if I had not had the strength, then I don’t know if there was anyone else and that scares me! I have thought that behind every challenging child is a strong but exhausted adult. I believe in the African proverb: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”