Tribute to Clara

Rolf Martinsson

The aim is to highlight women composing and thereby contribute to highlighting female role models in composition to inspire young women to study composition of classical and contemporary music. I also want to help create a better balance between the works of female and male composers in Western contemporary music to inspire orchestra repertoires.

I want to be an apple

OSAAC – Oriental Swedish Assn. for Arts & Culture

The goal is to, through more inclusive and co-creative forms, produce a performance that, after the project is over, can continue to benefit more through regional tours within existing infrastructure, e.g., Salto!’S and YOUNG Music in Syd day offers and tours within preschools and schools. If we, in this manner, create something qualitative, interesting and relevant for many, that is appreciated by the audience as well as the more established platforms, then we have succeeded.

Hunting horn – musical hunting tradition

Skånes Jakthorn

Our main goal is to attract more members to our ensemble so that the hunting horn tradition can live on and develop in Skåne. We also hope that more hunt organizers and those interested in hunting will become aware of this musical tradition. In addition, we constantly want to develop as a wind ensemble.

Recording a disc

Hannes Nyström Bennich

I regularly play at jazz clubs in Sweden such as Fasching, Glenn Miller Café, Unity Jazz, Moriskan, etc. and now I want to expand my network of contacts and reach out to Europe. The goal of the recording will therefore be to release an album making it possible for me to connect with agents booking clubs / festivals around Europe. Also, to show who I am and what music I write when I write for my own quartet.

Premiere of the chamber music work Nattviol

Ribbingsbergs Kulturförening

Premiere and recording at Ribbingsbergs Concert and Gallery of the chamber music work “Nattviol” for vocals, voice, guitar and cello by Johannes Jansson with lyrics by Peter Gärdenfors.

Halina – a survivor’s story

Ida’s Apolonia Co-operative Association

We want to publish this CD-book to reach out with the music, the story and the pictures from the story that is based on a documented true story. Due to the prevailing pandemic and Public Health Agency restrictions, gigs / performances are no longer the obvious conduit for reaching an audience.

LUMEN NATURAE – The Light of Nature

Sebastian Mullaert

Through this project we will be given the opportunity to both explore and document the meeting between a musician with a pioneering string instrument and sound references towards both directions of music history, as well as a composer and creator in electronica music where a minimalist expression with suggestive rhythms and sublime sound changes penetrates deep into the consciousness of the listener.

An ordinary day! – interactive children’s show with music and language

Moa Nissfolk

The overall purpose of the show is to contribute towards bridge building between different cultural expressions. The project is therefore aimed at a target group who may not usually take part in classical music. The purpose of the show’s linguistic theme is to create a more long-term value for the target group by also meeting some of the linguistic challenges that the target group faces. Language is in the long run an important factor for the feeling of social belonging.

Music for brass, percussion and the organ. Brass in the Öresund region

Jonas Højen Wiik

The purpose of the project is to create new music for the ensemble category and thereby enrich the repertoire for brass ensembles in combination with the organ and percussion. To get younger composers to write for this dynamic combination feels both interesting and important, and to participate in creating works that end up in the repertoire for the future has always been important to me. Furthermore, I see the opportunity to connect the Öresund region through musicians from both sides of the Öresund and then tour in both Denmark and Sweden with this exciting programme of newly written music in combination with other original works. The CD that concludes the project can be viewed both as a documentation and as a continuation.

Sundsgården Baroque – International Summer Course for Singers and Instrumentalists

Sundsgården folk high school

The project is a collaboration between Sundsgården folk high school, the Malmö Academy of Music and Concerto Copenhagen and aims to establish internationally the course Sundsgården Baroque – International Summer Course for Singers and Instrumentalists. The aim is also for the participants through interaction – at different levels – to acquire practical skills and aesthetics in historical performance practice under the direction of Peter Spissky and other renowned baroque musicians from the Öresund region.

Music in Klockaregården – Chamber music with percussion

Johan Bridger

The purpose of the project is to create a live music centre in Norra Mellby for chamber music where percussion is in focus. The intention with our unique concept is that audiences of all ages will be able to experience drums, wood, metal and melody instruments that have a huge variety of timbres, which is often perceived as captivating. Klockaregården will be a meeting place for nationally and internationally renowned artists as well as young musicians from music, folk and music academies.

String Quartet Week for young musicians

Johannes Marmén

The purpose of this project is to give young string musicians in Skåne an opportunity to discover and explore the world of the string quartet, with encouragement and accompaniment by established and actively working string quartet musicians. I feel a personal responsibility to supervise the string quartet culture in my home region because I, as the only internationally professional string quartet musician in Sweden, have unique experience of how much this genre can enrich people’s lives.