Endodrill biopsy under local anaesthesia in muscle invasive bladder cancer (Urodrill study)

Fredrik Liedberg

The object of the project is to evaluate a completely new investigation algorithm based on endodrill biopsy under local anaesthesia instead of TURB under anaesthesia. The aim is to reduce the time until definitive treatment of MIBC is initiated, since such time delay diminishes the chances of curing this potentially serious tumour where today only every other patient is cured despite radical surgery. We also predict that the new algorithm implies less patient discomfort and is more economically beneficial than TURB.

Sorbus Biomedical AB – Equipment for growing cells with increased function and application potential

Sorbus Biomedical AB

The goal of this project is the formation of an innovation company whose focus is to produce and commercialize cutting-edge laboratory equipment intended for more optimal cell culture. Traditional cell culture has fundamental limitations, and I see great potential in being able to satisfy the need for more functional cells. It is therefore my intention to, through the development of new opportunities and tools, bring about a positive change for research, healthcare, and society.

Modulation of the gut-brain axis by probiotic supplementation in an obesity mouse model

Joao Duarte

Our overall purpose is to demonstrate that novel bacterial strains can prevent obesity and associated comorbidities. This pre-clinical proof-of-concept project aims at testing the efficacy of 4 anaerobic butyrate-producing bacterial strains in reducing gut inflammation, promoting metabolic health, and improving brain function. Promising strain will be further evaluated in clinical trials, and then developed into functional food products or supplements for a next-generation probiotics.

Artificial intelligence as user support in femoral nerve block on the acute hip patient

Lund University

The geriatric patient after trauma is a very fragile patient category. Any kind of movement impacts greatly, and remedial general pain relief can give risky side effects. We intend to give staff earlier in the care chain a tool to be able to give the patient a topical pain relief, by being able to mark with artificial intelligence in ultrasound images where the block should be applied. This would increase the safety, well-being and security for this vulnerable group of patients.

C-FLUSH: A novel cerebrospinal fluid-based therapeutic strategy to enhance brain-wide waste clearance

Nagesh Shanbhag

Glymphatic system and its manipulations have been extensively characterized in rodent models. The overall goal of this study is to implement C-FLUSH therapy to enhance the brain-wide solute clearance in a higher mammal to enable its clinical therapeutic translation. Herein, we aim to optimize and characterize the efficacy of C-FLUSH on fluorescently tagged amyloid-beta or related agent introduced into the cleaning system (CSF) or brain parenchyma and assess it clearance to the periphery.

Early biomarkers for the detection of colon cancer

Syrina Fred Mehrabi

Many colon tumours are detected when the tumour cells have already spread in the body. This leads to the treatment becoming more difficult as the disease changes composition and gives rise to more complications. A non-invasive blood test could make a huge difference, as using the markers to detect the cancer means starting treatment earlier. Through a relatively cheap and simple blood test, it will also be possible to test a larger part of the population.

Can securing the hip be synonymous with securing the future quality of life in the elderly?

Deepak Raina

Using millions of hydroxyapatite (HA) particles around an implant, the biological activity of a common osteoporosis drug can be significantly improved. This improvement is reported as increased amount of bone formation around the implant with HA and better mechanical integration of the implant with the bone compared with the implant that did not have HA particles. Better outcome implies a reduction in implant failures in hip fracture patients and increased life quality with lower mortality.