The city of the future: the consequences of e-commerce to the organization of the city

Malin Sundström

The purpose is to write a popular science book that shows how increased e-commerce and reduced retail trade affect the city / society. Thereby supplement the Scanian debate and awareness that an altered trade practice also determines a city’s attraction as well as the life and well-being of its inhabitants. This applies not least to residents and decision-makers in the Malmö region.

Primeval animals exposed to offbeat revival attempts

Mats Eriksson

To place basic scientific research in an artistic and cultural perspective. And more specifically, with the help of three world-famous “hard rock artists”, figuratively speaking, to revive extinct organisms in a unique book, where modern research is presented in a new, interesting and different way. In connection with the book’s publication, a vernissage of the newly produced works of art is also planned and will be livestreamed via YouTube.

A book about Kullen’s lighthouse

Peter Appelros

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency states that 500,000 people visit Kullaberg annually. There are also some 4,500 active members. With this project, we want to convey in-depth knowledge to everyone who is in some way interested in history. The book will have a broad historical approach in the fields of maritime and lighthouse history, cultural history and technical history.

Who found out? Discussing science in preschool

Kristianstad University College

The goal of the outlined book to provide easily accessible and inspirational material that can be used by preschool teachers and in preschool teacher training throughout the country. Our intention is for the book to serve as support in planning and implementing an evolved science for preschool that broadens and challenges stereotypical images of science and researchers and makes more children (from different groups) feel that science is relevant to them.

Develop actors who are intellectually challenged

Kjell Stjernholm

Create conditions for improving the development of an intellectually challenged actor’s stage and artistic qualities. Give directors, teachers and educators the tools to lead such development work. Spread awareness of the intellectually challenged actor’s work that was generated when Moomsteatern in Malmö went from study circle to professional theatre.

Children’s book about girls with ADHD

Veronica Gustafsson

The purpose of the book is first and foremost to create a sense of context and community for especially girls with ADHD. Another purpose is to spread awareness of ADHD, neuropsychiatric disorders and otherness. The book will have a ‘from within’ perspective, written in a language that is easily accessible as the aim is to reach as many people as possible.

Clinical handbook on intensive neurological rehabilitation

Marika Schütz

Create a clinical handbook for intensive neurological rehabilitation of language, speech and cognition to gather theoretical knowledge with clinical practice and develop the current rehabilitation in the field. The handbook can also be read by decision-makers and stakeholders and provide ideas of how effective neurological rehabilitation can be designed.