Swedish brick tradition in transformation: phase 2

Pernilla Norrman

Further develop and evaluate our brick outline which can be used for entire facades, parts of facades, and in interiors. It revives the use of bricks focusing on modern architecture in line with the Scanian and Swedish building tradition. In extension, we want to involve a producer for industrial manufacture, and with our brick outline inspire and influence the domestic construction sector to use and demand to a greater extent bricks of the so-called Swedish standard format.

Reduce Food Waste and Save the Bees with Folkets Pops

Folkets Pops

The objective of this project is to increase the viability of circular economy and sustainable business practice. The scholarship will be used for the research and development of retail packaging using sustainable materials and processes. The result we would like to achieve is to reduce the impact on the environment through our packaging choices as we scale up production and to put pressure on larger competitors to implement more sustainable solutions to decrease the plastic in our environment.

Alnarp’s Agroecology Farm

Max Andersson

The goal is to run a financially self-sufficient agroecological farm. It will remain a student-led business that will grow throughout the years, with a constant in-flow of new ideas and expertise. The farm will prove that it is possible to feed a local community healthy, diverse and seasonal vegetables by producing in a way that protects the natural environment, rather than degrading it. It will also become a valuable educational resource, a “model” farm, from which everyone can learn.

Investment of infrastructure for SolEdits AB

SolEdits AB

The goal of the investment project is to be able to build a modern and powerful infrastructure, which will ensure the quality of the genetic solutions we will offer the customer. The solutions can, for example, lead to reduced use of chemicals in cultivation and further processing into specific foods or industrial products. Our goal is for the company to be established in the market within five years, as the partner of choice for getting products of the best quality, i.e., new varieties of potato.

Novel Oat Oil Emulsions

Lund University

The climate crisis reveals a strong need for replacing traditional chemical-, energy-demanding steps in the industry. We need to act fast. We believe in a shift towards sustainable plant-based materials and have developed a method to produce stable emulsions from oat oil using mild enzyme technology. We see great game changing possibilities connected to these emulsions: minimal energy- and chemical requirements, promising appetite control features and highly interesting structural properties.

Effective AI-based voice care

VoiceDiagnostic Sweden AB

VoiceDiagnostic finds momentum in transforming cross-border research and knowhow into a product that benefits society both regarding the individual person and the healthcare system. The way we can do this with our combined knowhow and experience is by using and listening to the individual voice. By doing so, we want to streamline voice care so that more of the 17% of Sweden’s population living with voice disorders can get help to make their voice heard.

Health in Scanian

Smile Incubator AB

The purpose is to offer researchers in the field of food for health a meeting place and test a new aid, in a light-hearted manner, for developing a business idea at the point of intersection between food and health. The benefits of better support towards developing these type of business ideas will provide society access to products / services that have the potential to impact people’s health positively, thus reducing human suffering, creating jobs and saving socio-economic resources.

Virtual Reality Nature as Health Intervention in Elderly Care

Mattias Wallergård

The objectives are to investigate what needs to be done to make the VR intervention fit in the everyday activities and practices of an elderly care facility, verify what benefits and limitations elderly care managers and employees perceive that the VR intervention brings about and investigate how well the VR intervention scales. Of special interest is to what extent local adaptations are necessary. Verify that there is a will to invest in the solution at the municipal level.