Sleep – on the health front line. A textbook on sleep for courses in medicine and health sciences

Pernilla Garmy

The aim of the project is to publish a textbook within two years on sleep for health care professionals, to be used in all courses on medicine and health sciences at Swedish universities and colleges. A book is not enough, the courses need to be supplemented with lectures and practical guidance during the set education. With the help of a textbook, teachers and supervisors acquire tools and tips to build their teaching on.

Learning with Horses – self-empowering educational programmes for children and youths

Kommunikationskonsulterna i Malmö AB (Learning with Horses)

Via the unique method of Learning with Horses inspire and enable cross-border collaborations between the local riding school and the public sector. The Swedish riding school is unique in the world, both in terms of scope and accessibility. In Sweden, there is an average of 1.5 riding schools in each municipality, often with municipal support, which provides exceptionally good conditions for promoting public health initiatives in collaboration with the horse.

Data literacy – a development project for primary school with theatre and cognitive research

Lund University

The project will be carried out with Teater Sagohuset. The purpose of the project is to, based on the latest in cognitive research, together with the performing arts, carry out a concrete collaboration to contribute to increased media and information literacy among primary school pupils.

Brain inducement for parents of teenager


The goal of the project is to, based on implementation and evaluations, with professional help produce lecture segments, material for book circle study and a digital family challenge and make it available free of charge to parents on a website. The website must also contain a FAQ with questions and answers to the most common questions that parents have asked in connection with the educational efforts as well as contact information for organizations they can turn to with questions or problems.


Peter Svensson

The rapid adjustment within schools to remote teaching made new demands on a school’s organization. Before future similar adjustments, insights into the experiences of teachers regarding the adjustment are of singular importance. They will help find organizational solutions that take into consideration both political ambitions and the profession’s work situation. The proposed research project will contribute insights that may be of great relevance to future crisis management of school activities.

Scanian rek

Nils Bergendal

Produce an App to be used as an educational tool (see above). Besides this primary purpose, it can be used as a tool for professional groups such as landscape architects, community planners, environmental strategists, etc. For the ordinary man, we hope the App can arouse interest in our everyday places, give them a historical connotation, but also trigger future questions regarding the Scanian landscape, its communities and infrastructure.

UNGA’s platform for digital teaching material

Musik I Syd

We want to create a digital platform where UNGA Musik i Syd’s core activities, via the music teacher, reaches all children in Skåne and thereby strengthens the role of culture in schools. Through high-quality films about music, which in various ways are linked to the school’s curricula, we want to offer the music teacher support in his/her teaching where quality and knowledge go hand in hand. Through collaboration with educators, filmmakers, musicians and researchers in music pedagogy, we want to secure the relevance and high quality of the material.