Finn Larsen

Make examining nature accessible and comprehensible to a wider audience using visual art which seeks to sharpen the senses regarding man’s impact on landscape, nature and environment by publishing a photo book, KALK. The book will be available in both Swedish and English. It will focus on Limhamn’s limestone quarry and include articles by scientists on nature / environment, landscape architecture and art. Some 200 books will be donated to school libraries in Malmö. An exhibition and a lecture will be arranged in connection with the publication.

Daylight – a research film about the importance of daylight

Vy Produktion AB (Vy Film AB)

Take note of already collected research material and supplement it with additional filmed material (further interviews, environmental photos, etc.). In addition, produce a longer film of about 72-80 minutes, to show and reach out to as many people as possible and thus acquire a life of its own that can generate discussion, reflection and new ways of looking at the cities of the future and man’s relationship to daylight.

Take me out and get me an ice cream

Gunilla Norrman Fritze

Present proposals for changes that make nursing homes in Sweden more attractive. Homes should offer different kinds of “pedagogy” that revitalizes and creates “meaning” for both the elderly and the staff. Yngve Gustafson, professor of geriatrics at Umeå University Hospital, says that we must “question the palliative care philosophy”. Everyone will benefit if more elderly people are active and feel that they have something more to give even after they have stopped working.

Kivik Museum

The goal is to continue to grow in the number of members, the number of visitors, the number of bookings of guided hikes at both set times and on other days. The goal is to continue to put Kivik Museum and Kivik on the map and to be able to show more people who are interested how much the Kivik countryside has to offer in both nature and culture. The goal is a new museum within a couple of years at the latest.

Lectures on Swedish culture & Swedish codes to promote integration in Skåne

Learn Swedish Culture (Gossner) AB

Increase understanding of Swedish culture and Swedish codes so that immigrants can more easily make Swedish friends, get a job, do well at a job interview. To receive this knowledge already at primary school is extremely important. In addition, if children from other cultures feel that we also invest in them at school it can lead to them also feeling proud of their mother tongue and the culture they bear with them.

REDO- A tool for Commitment,

Skåne schools’ sports association

REDO aims to initiate inspiring and motivating efforts and activities for young leaders. The effects of the pandemic have had a major impact on young people’s health and by inspiring and motivating them to get involved in a school sports association, we can create forums for contentment and sense of community. A school sports association is children and young people’s own association. Here they develop their organization and its activities based on their own prerequisites. With a school sports association as a tool, we want young people to find their way back to the sports movement.

Research in collaboration that alters Skåne

Meeting place Social Innovation at Malmö University

The purpose is to highlight examples of research that have a positive impact on society through innovative collaboration with players from different sectors of society. By arousing interest in research that creates societal benefits, MSI wants to form and inspire more organizations, companies, idea-driven players and public representatives to collaborate across borders in Skåne. In this way, we can engage more people in the work of solving Malmö’s and Skåne’s most complex societal challenges in new ways in collaboration across district boundaries.

New edition of the book “Student Evening: Lundensiskt Fönster mot Världen”

Academic Association

The student evening has been called “Sweden’s freest lectern” and is a bespoke unique phenomenon in Sweden. Its nearest counterpart can be found at the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The purpose of the book project is to, in a time of digitalisation, document and portray one of Lund’s most mythical student events: Student Evenings as a classic forum for debate and freedom of speech.

Artificial Intelligence – New exhibition at Vattenhallen Science Centre

Vattenhallen Science Centre, Lund University

Everyone is talking about it. Some are scared and others are curious. Lund University has been researching Artificial Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning since the 1980s. However, researchers see a need to provide information on AI to the general public, schoolchildren, teachers and politicians. By developing an exhibition at Vattenhallen, this science reaches both school classes and the public, as we have about 45,000 visitors annually – a figure that is expected to increase further in the coming years.