Organizational, social and financial sustainability for Swedish club activity

Stefan Svensson

Create a handbook that can simply and easily strengthen and contribute to the development and sustainability of clubs and associations.To strengthen sport clubs and cultural associations organizationally, financially and sustainably through this handbook. The goal is a simple, easy-to-understand book that will strengthen and develop non-profit associations with limited time and resources.

Children book – the superpowers of invisible microalgae trigger natural phenomena

Sylvie Tesson

The purpose of creating this children-book is to share scientific knowledge with the public explaining visible natural phenomena caused by invisible, but yet influent, organisms. The book shall raise people curiosity and interest, and provide an alternative glance to approach ecological questions and societal challenges, possibly helping designing more inclusive actions to protect our environment.

A Debate Book on the prerequisites, opportunities and challenges of Skåne – Part II: The Öresund region

Anders Olshov

The purpose is to develop in an efficient and self-reliant manner the Skåne debate which is in need of more interpolations and to create socio-economic prosperity for Skåne by writing and publishing a debate book on the prerequisites, opportunities and challenges of Skåne – in this case also by qualifying the debate on the Öresund region, not least from a Scanian perspective.

Life after a stroke

Johan Rietz

To highlight the fact that there is life after suffering a stroke. On the surface, it may look as if the person affected is doing well, but they may suffer from brain fatigue, severe headaches, major balance problems and awful nightmares. Something that can persist the rest of their life.To lecture (at national stroke associations, in schools and workplaces) and highlight the aspect of life after a stroke. The goal is also an international publication via a book agent.

The doctor as patient. Documentary and literary testimonies in the 1900s and 2000s

Enheten för medicinens historia, Medicinska fakulteten, LU

The plan is to rework a dissertation into a popular science book. There are several suitable publishers for such a project who publish attractive and interesting books with an educational element. A book of this kind would fulfil a major objective for the medical profession in Sweden by providing guidance on how one’s own health can be managed.

Title: Scanian winemakers: people, farms, vines.

Oscar Krüger

This is a book project. The aim is to describe Scanian winemakers, in the most accessible and engaging way possible. At the same time, this type of portrayal is of cultural-scientific interest, and the author intends to develop it in a way that is as elemental as the popular science format allows.

A Book about the Castle of Svaneholm

Svaneholms Slott Andelsförening UPA

The objective is to be able to provide visitors to the castle: tourists, school children and others insight about life at the castle and the surrounding area in the 18th and 19th centuries, and to illustrate Rutger Macklean and his role in ‘Enskifte’ which reformed agriculture in Sweden. To develop educational material as well as circulate the book in various situations and use it as part of the ongoing development to establish the castle as a meeting place and destination in Skåne.