Pinteg AB

Pinteg’s aim is to develop technical solutions that help European citizens safeguard their digital information and integrity. Through adult education and digital tools, including methods for easy use of their rights under GDPR, we will help individuals prevent information from being collected and information that has already been collected to be erased. With this, we aim to contribute to democratic sustainability.

Brush Wash

Lavabrush AB

We want to protect our environment. We want everyone to learn how to take advantage of paint residue: vocational schools, preschools, homeowners, municipalities. Our Brush Wash ought therefore to become an essential tool for painting, regardless of the level of use. The Brush Wash should be a regular tool, both in the workplace and in the summer cottage. As regular as a toolbox. We have far-reaching plans to give each newly certified professional painter their own brush wash as proof of their completed education.

Climate Smart Milk Proteins

Cirkulär AB

The project is mainly about developing an alternative method for producing milk proteins. The milk protein that we focus on is casein (milk also contains whey protein), which is the main ingredient in dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Production will be effected by so-called recombinant protein-production, which is largely developed by adding a synthetic gene (part of a DNA molecule) into the DNA of a microorganism which in turn instructs the organism to produce the desired protein.

Launching Sweden’s first environmentally sustainable men’s tailoring in Malmö

Amanda Andersson

The idea is that already tailored clothes of older, good quality, and from our neighbourhood, shall undergo a renaissance. Consumers should be made aware that old, quality clothing has great value. By revamping it so it becomes fashionable today, the customer can be proud that he contributes to a better environment by choosing one of these suits rather than a newly tailored one. It should be perceived as something “extra” to wear such a garment both because it is handcrafted (without exploiting seamstresses in other parts of the world) and because it saves our planet during manufacture.

European Centre for Urban Use


The purpose of developing a centre for professional urban cultivation is to contribute to sustainable solutions for a better climate. Food production is a fundamental part of society and causes today great climatic impact. By committing to more entrepreneurs who grow organic, local produce, we reduce climatic impact, increase biodiversity in cities as well as consumer awareness of sustainable food. At the same time, jobs and businesses are created!

Recycle Mobilia

Victor Wall

Recycle is an operation that aims to promote recycling and enterprise through sustainable production. Here, materials and artefacts are reworked and recycled with creativity and new thinking giving them new life and purpose and thus contributing to a circular economy. The focus is on social, ecological and economic sustainability. The operation is set up as a mall and consists of about ten stores with the opening for more.

A ground-breaking and competitive marketplace between restaurants and producers

Snömoln i Norden AB

The purpose is to establish, in partnership with local players from both the producer and restaurant sectors, a functional digital infrastructure that facilitates local trade and distribution, as well as shortens the steps between producer and consumer by skipping the wholesale stage. A satisfactory solution at a more reasonable price.

IKEA emergency health kit

Carolin Emond

The main purpose is to create opportunities for people with no healthcare training to be able to help each other in emergency situations and trauma. The aim is also to be able to offer the possibility to deal with more complex trauma through further training and live guidance via video from healthcare professionals.