A recording with Lund’s Vocal Ensemble

Lund’s Vocal Ensemble

Lund’s vocal ensemble, which for many years was successfully led by Ingemar Månsson, has, after some uncertain years without a permanent conductor, once again of the ground through the collaboration with conductor Martin Arpåker. The goal is now to record a professionally produced CD-disc under the management of Martin Arpåker that reflects the high musical and artistic level the choir holds today.

Hunting horn – a musical tradition spanning borders

Skånes Jakthorn

Skånes Jakthorn plays, both traditional and newly written hunting music. We want to be able to continue expanding and conveying the hunting horn tradition in Skåne, which means spreading knowledge about the importance of hunting horn music and keeping the good hunting traditions alive and recruiting new members.

Concert Project

Makross Economic Association

Makross is a jazz group. Each of its concerts always differs from the previous one as the music is largely improvised. By meeting other musicians on stage, new dialogues are created and new interactions which clearly show the audience that jazz music can take different routes and forms. The project aims to introduce jazz music to a broader target group and involve in this artistic process that’s taking place at the meeting with other musicians outside the band’s constellation.

Birgit Nilsson Museum Master classes 2019

The Birgit Nilsson Society

The purpose of the master class is to give singing and piano students the opportunity to delve deeper into the magic world of music. The goal is to create a room for the participants where they can develop their full potential as artists. To go deeper into the learning processes and understand the meaning of text and music in symbiosis, understand the interaction dynamics between musicians and to be able to meet an audience in a new and engaging way.

The chamber music club, Krinolin – A new room for art music

Krinolin – a chamber music club

The goal of the project is to reach a new and broad audience that does not normally pursue traditional classical chamber music. We want to secure the future growth of classical chamber music and offer an alternative to the accustomed concert goer to experience chamber music. We also want to lessen the distance between musicians and audiences by scaling away old ideas and rules about how a concert should look and go to the core of a concert experience; the meeting between people.

The Guards of Hilde


The goal of this project is to immerse oneself in Hildegard von Bingen’s music, rework it and make it one’s own. The goal is to be at the forefront of genre transcending and to play music that is outside the box and which can appeal to many people with different musical preferences. We will also record a disc with these new arrangements and stage three concerts in different places in Skåne in order to meet different types of audience.

The women’s orchestra and Evelyn Glennie

Women’s Orchestra

The idea of ​​an all-female orchestra is to promote internal collaboration but also to act as a role model for women. We want to inspire young girls to dare using our female embodiment. An entirely female orchestra creates new, or challenges unconscious expectations, on who is on the conductor podium, has a leading position in the orchestra and is composer of the music. Targeting people of all ages and gender.

The first recording of Lund’s Chamber Music Soloists

Lund’s chamber music soloists

Lund’s chamber music soloists want to take their audience on an exciting journey through charted and uncharted waters, innovative and traditional, challenging and soothing. The recording will take place in Malmö Opera’s concert hall with the soprano Sofie Asplund.

Baltic Choral Academy

Malmö University

The purpose is to create a resource centre for choir and conducting with Malmö / Skåne as its centre and with participating institutions from all over the Baltic Sea area. We want to highlight the invaluable music tradition that exists in Skåne, attract international projects in the fields of choir and conducting and spotlight the Swedish tradition of conducting, not least through the memory of Sixten Ehrling.

Höör Barock CD recording of forgotten 18th-century treasures from Lund’s music collections

Höör Barock

Höör baroque wants to record a disc with baroque music that has been found in the Lund University Library collections. Unknown treasures have been discovered that suit Höörs Barock orchestra perfectly. One of the finds is a collection of six Italian sonatas for five voices by Torelli and Bernardi. The aim is to spread baroque music of high class and to safeguard our cultural heritage.