Development of a predictive and layered biomarker panel in pancreatic cancer tissue

Reccan Diagnostics AB

Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest of cancers with an average survival rate of 6-8 months and 5-year survival of max 5-6%. The goal now is to define a diagnostic / predictive and stratifying tissue marker panel in pancreatic cancer. This in order to improve and design a more tailor-made treatment and define subgroups that better respond to different types of therapy.


ImmuneBiotech Sweden AB

ME / CFS is a relatively new condition that is also called chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients suffer from a paralyzing fatigue and fatigue that does not get better from rest. In this project, we want to verify whether ImmuneBiotech’s expertise, IBS product, also has effect on ME / CFS. Since most people suffering from ME / CFS also suffer from IBS, there is good reason to assume that the IBS product also has an effect on people with ME / CFS.

I-PROTECT – Implementation of injury preventing training for young handball players

Eva Ageberg

The project will develop and test I-PROTECT technology comprising injury preventing training for young handball players and an implementation plan for clubs. Injury preventing training is effective but not routinely used. A team of users and researchers will work keeping the needs and prerequisites of clubs in mind, based on current research.

SMASH – Sweat Metabolites Analysis for Sport and Health

Innovosens AB

The monitoring of concentration of blood glucose and other multiple parameters in diabetics is imperative. Innovosens aims to develop a non-invasive cost-efficient Bio-wearable sensor for personalized diabetes and sports health management. Preventing and predicting early signs of hypo and hyper glycemia and lactoacidosis through continuous monitoring and measuring blood glucose as well as other parameters that cause insulin resistance.

C4BP-IgM fusion protein as a novel therapeutic approach to cure Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection

Serena Bettoni

We aim to present a unique therapeutic approach to curing gonococcal infection. The C4BP-IgM fusion protein is an innovative drug because it takes advantage of evasion mechanisms developed by bacteria to escape immune system recognition. C4BP binds to bacterial surface, while the constant portion of IgM promotes serum-mediated killing of pathogens. We also propose to show that this protein is specific, effective and non-toxic for the patient.

Development of new sequential technology to map gene changes in situ in the human brain

Tomas Björklund

Changes in the balance between different proteins and their coded original mRNA are vital to the normal function of the brain. However, in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and Parkinson’s, the changes over time lead to a negative spiral that results in neurodegeneration and cell death. Studying these changes by mapping the expression pattern of mRNA in the tissue has created an invaluable window into these processes. The project wants to build the first prototype of sequential technology and use it to map for the first time the change that occurs in the human brain during epilepsy.

A sewing machine for standardized surgical abdominal closure

Suturion AB

Suturion is developing a sewing machine that quickly produces a standardized surgical seam. The sewing machine solves three abdominal closure-related challenges: 1 / Ensures a high-quality closure of the abdominal wall, which in turn reduces the risk of scarring 2 / Halves the closure time, which reduces the time in the operating theatre and releases surgical space 3 / Eliminates the risk of stick injury to surgeons and staff.

Fixaspine – with positive results under our belt

Fixaposture AB

Neck-related illness is one of the fastest growing physical problems in society today. We use digital tools more and more, which in many aspects is good, but unfortunately our neck is not made for the strain we expose it to. FixaSpine tells the patient the correct posture so that muscle memory returns. It is a small box which, with angle and distance, detects a wrong posture and via sound and vibration gives feedback in order regain correct posture.

TrojanDC – developing an off-the-shelf immunotherapy to turn cancer against itself

Asgard Therapeutics AB

Asgard Therapeutics is developing the world’s first cancer immunotherapy based on cell reprogramming.

We seek the next leap forward in immunotherapy employing Asgard’s proprietary technology to render cancer cells visible to the immune system in order to attack and eliminate them.

This strategy disruptively combines cell reprogramming and immunotherapy, leading to the development of TrojanDC, a novel gene therapy to unleash the immune system on the cancer. TrojanDC will be initially developed for one type of cancer and later applied to other types, opening avenues for revolutionising cancer treatment.