“From farmer’s wife to weaver” – The book about Cilluf Olsson, 1847-1916

Birgitta Calagos

Cilluf Olsson was a strong and enterprising woman, who at the beginning of the 20th century, ran her own business, sold her own products, ran a weaving school, a shop and went to exhibitions including the world exhibition in Paris in 1900. She joined in the national movement to preserve the textile heritage that was being lost with the emergence of industrialism, by serving on the board of the Malmöhus County Arts & Crafts Association formed in 1905.

LIVLINAN – A book about the flight of the Danish Jews, the illegal routes and the arms smuggling over the Öresund during World War II

Lennart Rasmusson

In October 1943, about 7,000 of Denmark’s Jewish population fled to Sweden. About one-fifth of them came to Kullabygden in northwest Skåne. The people who worked on the Swedish side of the Öresund and who aided the refugees, the illegal boat traffic and the arms smuggling to the Danish resistance movement, are all gone now. This book wants to convey the solidarity and the will the Swedish people exhibited 75 years ago in order to help their sister nation and people in need.

Divine stones – science and world view over a thousand years

Lena Björk Blixt

A guidebook that takes the reader on a fascinating journey over the past thousand years, with the purpose of telling about and moulding the development of scientific research and how its growing knowledge volume has increasingly influenced people’s view of the world over the centuries. The book will arouse curiosity, enthusiasm and fascination at the realization that we are all part of humanity’s extraordinary adventure. The journey we all begin at our birth.

A debate book on Skåne’s prerequisites, opportunities and challenges

Anders Olshov

The book will appeal to people with a social interest and to decision makers. Readers will be given an adequate and independent basis and increased understanding of issues that are of special importance to Skåne.

Milk flour – The explosive story of our most secretive food stuff

Andreas Håkansson

A popular science book depicting the technology as well as the cultural history of milk powder, and its future relevance. This is a field that, despite its great economic and cultural importance, has received surprisingly little attention. The book provides new perspectives by combining the many spectacular elements of the seemingly grey history of this food stuff, with insight into the technology behind food production.

Can you wash water? – sustainability work in preschool

Marie Fridberg

By drawing on the experience of preschool teachers write a book that highlights various perspectives on how sustainable development can be understood in preschool, where the three dimensions of ecological, economic and social sustainability are made visible. The aim of the book is to highlight, define and discuss how sustainability work linked to everyday life can be carried out at the workplace / preschool.

Day-hikes in Skåne

Caroline Alesmark

The book will contain about 50 day-hikes and target people who want to start hiking but feel inexperienced or uncomfortable sleeping in tents or windbreakers. Recent years have seen countless reports on the benefits of spending time in nature and of hiking from a public health perspective. Hiking is a democratic undertaking, all it needs is a backpack, a windbreaker and a pair of comfortable shoes.