Nano theatre

Theatre Sagohuset

Theatre Sagohuset wants to create a theatre monologue for upper secondary school students. In order to arouse interest and provide emotional access to the issue of pollution and research on the topic. After the monologue is performed, the students will take part in a workshop that is produced by Tommy Cedervall’s research group at the Department of Chemistry at Lund University.

It’s all connected

Tomelilla municipality

The purpose of the project is to provide information on the benefits of nature in a pedagogic and instructive manner. The film inspires schools to integrate subjects. Motivation is an important key to the success of students. Digital teaching material can be a method for increasing students’ interest and triggering their own projects. The result creates eddies allowing for digital teaching material to be made available to other teachers and fields.

Zero to Kickstart – The Sustainable Product Marathon

The Association Stapelbädden

At ZTK we will open doors to people from all industries and backgrounds and allow them to engage and overcome the complications of design and marketing.

Our mission is to foster meaningful networks that contribute to an integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem. We provide a tangible product-making experience that will prepare future designers for their next challenge and spread awareness to the public through our viral video campaigns.

Programming society online

Malmö Kreospace Association

The goal of this project is to build an Internet service that enables you to try out, train and compete in robot programming online, in competition with real robots. Robots are expensive to buy and are not used effectively today. Through this Internet service children and young people can participate whenever it suits them. They do not need to buy their own robot but only need access to a computer and the Internet.

Children’s library and intellectual challenges

Linda Stjernholm

The purpose of the project is to create a tutorial for people who want to work in making children’s and youth literature available to people who are intellectually challenged or autistic. The basis for the tutorial text should be a compilation of international research on the subject, but also based on what the target group itself, their parents and educators deem necessary in order to increase accessibility to literature and the library.

Big Bang Festival 2019

Cool Minds

This science festival will motivate children across Skåne to science and technology. Both for the future of children as well as the future of Malmö and Sweden, it is beneficial to work towards creating a positive link between science and fun. Cool Minds wants to raise the level of knowledge in children and promote learning. All programme items involve an interactive opportunity to learn about technology or science.