We must save as many as we can – the story of the Sewing club

Conny Palmkvist

During the autumn of 1943, more than 7,000 Jews fled from occupied Denmark to neutral Sweden over Öresund. Their escape was possible thanks to refugee and resistance organizations, who opposed Nazi persecution of the Danish people’s Jewish friends and acquaintances. One of the organizations taking part was the Sewing club. It consisted of Danish police officers and a group of Swedish men from Helsingborg. Together they saved 1,400 people. The only rules they set up were; we shall earn no money from this and we must save as many as we can.


Folkuniversitetet, The Kursverksamheten Foundation at Lund University

The learning weekend HETTAN aims to highlight the most distressing, salient and urgent research on climate change in progress just now. We want to reach a broad audience affected by this and increase understanding of the great climate challenges that face us all.

Altitude Academy – school of development

Altitude Meetings AB

Our society is facing several major challenges in democracy, sustainability and diversity. Altitude Academy is already working on these issues, but now wants to offer today’s dedicated young people knowledge, networks and insights, to help them grow and become tomorrow’s leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Start the magazine Sleep and Health

Pernilla Garmy

Sleep problems are commonplace. Every third woman and every fifth man in Sweden suffer from sleep problems.

In the magazine Sleep and Health, researchers will share popular science summaries from their studies and clinics will describe the methods, especially non-pharmacological, they use to help patients with sleep disorders

Existence Festival 2019

Convenium Österlen

The Existence Festival is aimed at the general public as well as thespians, brain researchers, writers, philosophers, psychologists, psychotherapists, musicians and media representatives. All of these will, through discussions, lectures, performances, concerts and workshops, meet on the issue of the meaning of life.

Fighting cancer with plastic bullets

Malmö University Library

The purpose of the exhibition is to communicate research on cancer diagnostics conducted by postgraduate doctoral students at the Department of Biomedicine at Malmö University. How can it benefit and how can it be applied in society? Via films among other things, the visitor will be given insight into the work of several doctoral students.

Drivkraft Academy

Drivkraft Malmö

The objective is to give all young people the same chance in life, inconsiderate of where they are from, their background or where they live. The need for role models has steadily increased. To be able to offer students via the aid of a leadership programme an opportunity to set goals more clearly and navigate towards a brighter future. Self-leadership and personal development in an environment of like-minded people will create more young role models that can engage in and influence our city. The target is to be able to lead oneself and in the long run also to lead others.

The Earth, the climate and the 17 Global goals – a learning project for all ages

Vattenhallen Science Centre

Through this project we want to attract even more visitors to Vattenhallen Science Centre. The subject matter is highly topical and the public’s interest in issues relating to climate has increased in recent years. With this project, we want to de-dramatize and disseminate research-based knowledge to the general public. We also want to contribute to greater understanding of what each one of us can do in our everyday lives to influence sustainable development.

BOOA – A popular science YouTube channel

The Economic Association BOOA

Using popular science video lectures, BOOA wants to reduce the distance between academia and society and make quality-assured knowledge available to the public. The films will shatter negative stereotypes concerning academia and researchers, and increase confidence in research, counteract resistance to facts and attract curiosity.