Music at Ribbingsberg

Ribbingsbergs Kulturförening / Boel Adler

Ribbingsberg is a venue for music and art with performances at a high artistic level with room for great variety and for the artists’ imagination and playfulness. The music is of very high standard, but the setting is simple. An art exhibition is conjointly open during the concerts. The evenings target a mixed audience. The proximity between stage and audience creates an intimate and warm atmosphere. In the break refreshments are served and there is even the opportunity for pleasant interaction with the artists.

The St. Luke Passion

Rolf Martinsson

The artistic idea of ​​the St. Luke Passion was to compose a piece of music based on the baroque (Bach) with stylistic excursions into more modern styles. The baroque sections accompany the Gospel of St Luke and Göran Greider’s powerful contemporary texts about missiles and suffering, are accompanied by more modern styles. The composition is practical for performing in churches that cannot afford the St. Matthew Passion or similar expensive productions. The purpose of the project is to make available a unique piece of music on the international market. A CD recording with the soloist chosen for the international premiere of the German translation, is a decisively important documentation for the international successes of the piece.


Minna Weurlander

The purpose is to release a disc with exciting, unique and new programme for the accordion and its string quartet and present a new repertoire that can be performed in a variety of venues in Skåne, and beyond its borders. This composition is unusual. Few know the difference between the accordion and the concert accordion. The purpose is to spread new music via the string quartet, of high artistic and technical quality, create fascinating cross-border sounds and, of course, stage multiple performances in Sweden and abroad.

Trelleborg Piano Festival

Trelleborg piano festival / Mats Widlund

The aim of the project is to stimulate interest in piano music, i.e. increase public awareness about the instrument, the repertoire and the pianists. It is also to reach new audiences and build networks between performing pianists of different nationalities and generations. It is important to show that not only metropolitan areas can offer arrangements of this kind. The church of Sankt Nicolai offers a unique setting and one of the country’s best grand pianos.

Karolina Almgren Project Recording

Karolina Almgren

Karolina Almgren Project is a band of five female instrumentalists. Project will provide opportunities to move between a typical jazz sound and a more chamber music feeling. By making use of the full potential of the instruments, you can move between jazz, song and classical music in a new and exciting way. It is good for the jazz scene, which needs more bands with a clear coequal profile as well as collaboration between musicians, who are from different generations and who have different backgrounds. Everything that contrasts with the norm is desired. The jazz scene is still very male-dominated therefore such clear coequal initiatives are necessary.

CD recording of Claudio Monteverdi’s opera L’Orfeo (1607)

Lundabarock Association / Johan Linderoth

The goal is to stick our neck out by recording this well-known piece, already documented by the foremost groups on the continent and to do it in a new way. There is no one in the international music world that expects such a thing from us in the Nordic region. With a good international distribution via a well-known record label, the recording will put Skåne on the map. Already at an early stage it was important to have the project documented, and preferably on CD, since it is the only possibility to truly show the music world what we can do here in Skåne.

Re-establish Lund’s Vokalensemble as one of Sweden’s leading choirs

Lund’s Vokalensemble / Emma Lund

The purpose of the initiative is to continue to develop Lund’s Vokalensemble as a top-level choir to match the conductor Martins Arpåker’s capacity as conductor. For a young conductor with a future it is far from given that he will remain in Skåne. In the long run, our efforts offer an opportunity to retain Martin Arpåker as a positive musical force in the region to the benefit not just of the choir, but to Scanian music in general.

Trio Wolski on release tour

Kristian Wolski

Trio Wolski is a genre-crossing band from Malmö that goes on tour this summer. The purpose with the tour is to reach out to a larger audience, people of all ages who rarely encounter folk music. Instead, of performing at folk music festivals where folk music already exists, the band will target places where folk music is not heard so often such as churches, cafes and venues for jazz and classical music.

Swedish new objective organ music

Jesper Glans

Each era has its sound and its artistic ideals, but when a piece of music has been performed it can be forgotten as quickly, regardless of how good it was. It is hard to imagine that J.S. Bach’s organ music, which is now seen as a matter of course in repertoires and which is considered the greatest organ piece ever written, once upon a time, was also abandoned and forgotten. The music referred to in this project is Swedish organ music from the period between the 1950s and 1980s, which since has more less been forgotten. Most of the material has not been recorded or documented on CD previously.