A colourful literature bouquet – Cecilia Persson meets Scanian writers

Cecilia Persson

The purpose of the book is to make a popular educational literature and cultural effort by making visible “forgotten” authorship and bring to life the unusually rich Scanian literary landscape for a wider reading audience. The project portrays both dead and now living and active authorship, which gives the book both a historical and contemporary relevance. The project is imbued by a great love for literature that will infect readers and contribute to increased interest in both literature and Scanian cultural history.

Alnarpsliv (The Book about Alnarp)

Book publisher Aren / Johanna Ekberg

Alnarp is a hamlet in the Lomma parish in the municipality of Lomma in Skåne, which, among other things, is one of the campuses of Sweden’s Agricultural University. Here you also find parks open to the public, gardens for rehabilitation and Skåne’s Agricultural Museum. The beautiful property Alnarp’s history is known since 1314. During the Danish period, the property belonged to various nobility. When Skåne become Swedish in 1658, Alnarp was awarded to marshal Gabriel Gabrielsson Oxenstierna. The purpose of the book is to preserve, compile and make available the historical research, documentation and personal testimony that exists about Alnarp in Skåne.

Creation of a book for education in children’s physical activity and motor learning

Ann-Christin Sollerhed

The aim is to write a course book on physical activity and motor learning that can be used in the education of preschool teachers, youth workers and primary school teachers especially at the University College of Kristianstad and Malmö University, but which hopefully, can be introduced at all universities in Sweden. Teachers working in schools / preschools should also be able to use the book.

Odd characters from Lund University

Charlotte Erlandson-Albertsson

The purpose is to produce a book describing some characters from Lund University that in different ways distinguished themselves during the establishment of the university and whose life can inspire understanding and fascination for the background that later enabled us in modern times to study at Lund University and reach far. It is about odd characters that have worked at Lund University during its 350-year-old history. The book will be used as a yearbook by Lund University Historical Society 2019.

Lydia Wahlström – a biography

Ingrid Pärletun Lundberg

The book about Lydia Wahlström will spread knowledge about an influential person in the Swedish women’s movement during the 20th century. In this way, the project will showcase women’s efforts in the development of our society and their fight for equality. It offers the wider public a broad insight into an active woman’s life and work as well as women’s efforts for gender equality. A thorough working methodology and extensive archival work will provide the basis for future research in the history of Swedish women.

Instant Research

Katrin Harrysson

Instant research is a concept coined at several of Malmö’s preschools, and is about an in-depth perspective for investigating processes that capture important moments that can develop a child’s participation and influence in preschool. By focusing on a specific question, the educator investigates, documents and reflects on the meetings and moments that take place in a child’s daily life in order to develop / alter education, activity or situation. The purpose of the book is to spread knowledge regarding experiences in working with and organizing for Instant research from an educational as well as a leadership perspective.