Cool Minds AB / Marielle Sterner

In partnership with Folkets Park, Fri Tanke Publishing, Pedagogisk Inspiration (Malmö City) and other players, Cool Minds wants to host a science festival that aims to inspire and activate children in the sciences, technology and sustainable development. The purpose of the festival is to generate life into Malmö and contribute towards linking Malmö with positive forces and innovation. This science festival will attract audiences from all over Skåne. Inspire children to embrace science and technology. Both for the future of children, Malmö and Sweden it is of value to work towards creating a positive association between science and fun, raising children’s level of knowledge and promoting learning. All programme points offer an opportunity to learn about technology, science or sustainable development.

The air we breathe: Multidisciplinary teaching of climate and air quality issues for Upper secondary schools

Elna Heimdal Nilsson

Climate and air quality are highly topical environmental issues that are scientifically linked to meteorology, chemistry and physics, but also strongly linked to social issues and economics. Primary and secondary school curricula include teaching about climate, the environment and meteorology. The multidisciplinary nature of environmental issues makes it ideal for integrating teaching of different natural and social sciences. The purpose of the popular science textbook is to disseminate knowledge about how environmentally hazardous pollution from emissions from cars and industries affect us daily in our immediate surroundings and in the broader perspective the climate. At the same time, it raises a student’s curiosity and insight to the fact that science can be about our daily lives and our future. Through a presentation online, the material will get a wider audience and be available for use by upper secondary school teachers, for their own further development or for use in teaching.

Revitalization of the Ideas Planet at the Science Centre Malmö Museums

Malmö Museums / Samuel Thelin

The Ideas Planet, Malmö Museums’ science centre is filled with exciting activities whose starting point is our planet and our future. In the main exhibition, which is one of Malmö Museums most popular, there are over 50 different stations all gathered around 6 different themes – mankind, light, sound, water, wind, earth. It is about technology, energy, sustainable development and natural sciences. Surveys that have been carried out show a demand for new experiments that focus on physical challenges and interactivity. More people will be able to train both mind and body. An exciting, activating and educational outing for the public will be created. The Ideas Planet was opened in 2012 and is long due a revamp. The exhibition will become a tool for schools and for the museum’s educators. It will become a part of getting young people interested in public health and the importance of physical training. – the school’s own resource in language and reading instruction

Michaela Hennig, a new TV channel and digital service, was launched in 2017 to spread a love for reading, caring for the community and learning. In cooperation with two schools in Helsingborg, a pilot project, work and teaching methods as well as specific course sections with teachers and students are being developed with the emphasis on reading, comprehension and source criticism where moving images form part of the concept. The work will result in each school acquiring its own unique web platform. It will then be possible to implement the concept in other schools.

Pink Programming Camp – Programming camps for women

Pink Programming / Vanja Tufvesson

The long-term goal of the initiative is for more women to choose to become programmers and thus increase diversity in the IT industry in Sweden. Programming camps offer a springboard to women who are interested in programming but feel that the threshold is too high. Based on experience intensive courses in an inspiring environment is just what is needed to dare to take the step and become a programmer.


Marine Knowledge Centre in Malmö / Sindre Magnusson

The overall purpose of the current venture is to boost interest in life in the ocean through a combination of microbiological, aesthetic and artistic perspective. The activities involve broadening and complementing the marine pedagogic work that has been pursued for many years by SEA-U Marine Knowledge Centre in Malmö. The common theme is the spreading of knowledge about marine life in the Öresund. The purpose is to spread knowledge about the smallest organisms in the sea and raise awareness of how humans adversely affect the sea, what they can do about it and develop educational methods at the intersection of natural sciences, visual experiences and artistic creation.

The relational work – the bridge

Jimmy Säfström

In recent years a gradual change has taken place in schools. A negative change in pupils’ attitude towards themselves and their potential. This is happening while more and more teachers for various reasons either burn out or lose interest in the job and a great many lack energy and joy.

This is untenable, an equation that does hold together. The idea of the book is to support, acknowledge, strengthen and inspire everyone who works in the school world. With the book, everyone in the school world will be made aware what a great difference they make or can make.

It’s time to reclaim commitment. Dedication rekindles passion. Passionate teachers inspire students. It’s all about questioning today’s approach where everyone is pushed towards similarity and where validation often prevails instead of education. The trend in schools is negative. More resources are not the solution. The solution is to support and make use of the amazing resources already available, both within students and teachers.