The exhibition You go boy! The good manhood – men’s roll spanning 500 years at Skarhult Castle

Alexandra von Schwerin

Skarhult’s cultural heritage has via exhibitions, books and articles sought to boost interest in our collective history. Following four years of exhibitions about historically strong women, it is now time to create good role models for our boys and young men. A review of men’s ideals through the ages, from the knight in armour to the sourdough baking latte dad, can help us understand how we have ended up in today’s polarized #Metoo world while at the same time dazzle the visitor with history’s examples of good men.

Geopark Skåne phase 2: geological descriptions

Emma Rehnström

A geopark comprises three parts: geological destinations in nature, destinations with a geological link, for instance, museum exhibitions and various offers from local traders such as food experiences, activities, accommodation or alternative transports – in a unity that creates one total experience. Geoparks have been included into UNESCO’s “World Heritage” and “Biosphere Areas” since 2015 and organized in global and regional networks. The purpose of writing geological descriptions on the theme “On the edge of a continent” for Geopark Skåne is to lay the necessary scientifically correct foundation in order to be able to tell the unique story of Skåne’s amazing geological development.

Artefacts of Swedish football in text and image

Torbjörn Andersson

The aim is through a national inventory and a book, both focusing largely on Skåne, increase knowledge and learning regarding football’s unknown cultural history in the form of artefacts in text and image. A large collection of exciting items is to be found in the country, but nobody knows its extent. Through this book, one of Skåne’s / Sweden’s / the world’s most important popular cultures can attain its rightful status and ultimately, hopefully a place even in the country’s museums.

Museum at your fingertips: Lund University Biological Museum in Virtual Reality

Guiseppe Bianco

We are living in the middle of a digital revolution where information is shared online and virtual reality is silently entering our houses. Lund University Biological Museum has an astonishing collection of 12 millions of specimens collected in the course of the last three centuries. The aim of this project is to unlock the access of the biological archives to researchers, educators and the public using modern 3D digitization methods and engage the final users with new virtual reality devices.

Simrishamn 900 years

Österlen Museum / Lena Alebo

The purpose of the book project is to give Simrishamn a jubilee book for its 900-year anniversary in 2023. Equally as important is to try a new approach in our ambition to write a city monograph. An oral history, to capture the city’s history through narrative stories. To achieve this goal, the editorial team has gathered a somewhat atypical group of participators such as a genealogist, a local historian, a journalist, a photographer with knowledge of local history and more typically a historian and an archaeologist.

Medieval Lund – bringing to life a bygone era

Marcus Karlsson

For several years, students and teachers have worked on ideas for visualizing Lund’s history and making it more compelling and interesting for visitors and city residents. The work has been done within the framework of the History programme, but the project has also collaborated with several other programmes, schools, universities and business figures. The purpose of the project is threefold, the educational purpose is unique, teaching students something they should know but can never learn in any other school. Secondly, an educational purpose, to convey history!

The third objective is long-term, creating business of history, a new industry for Lund, Historical Tourism.

Drivkraft Landskrona

Drivkraft Malmö / Jessica Grundström Ahldin

Drivkraft Malmö is a non-profit association aimed at counteracting the gaps in society. The association was started 2011 in Malmö and has since expanded its operations to Helsingborg and now also Landskrona. Through mentoring an increasing number of students are guided to finish school with better grades and find their way to secondary school education and further into Swedish society. Many of the students say that their mentor becomes a friend for life and a great support. Läxhjälpen offers every week hundreds of pupils help with their homework, but also creates relationships between people from different parts of the city that would otherwise never meet. Through support with homework and a purposeful leisure time the gaps in society are reduced.

Miss Gro

Sara Sigurdson

Knowledge of what farming and food production means to the world makes us both more conscious and mindful of the world which we live in. The purpose of Miss Gro is to be able to open new doors to the fascinating world that is found among soil and plants and inspire children to sow their first seeds and recapture knowledge about agriculture, cultivation and food production, so that together we contribute to a more sustainable world.

Internet of things and people at Malmö University Library

Malmö University Library / Annsofie Olsson

The aim is to develop the library as a place for research communication. The visitor will see an exhibition about advanced technology, get actively involved and step into the future. What does a connected home mean? How can data from our transports, our energy consumption and our health be used in a useful way? These are issues that will be highlighted giving visitors the opportunity to reflect. Visitors will also get the opportunity to learn more, question and discuss the university’s research.

Tips-bank and Community for young readers

Yellowbits / Hans-Olof Ulmestad

The purpose of the project is to create better conditions for school librarians and teachers allowing them to implement different and innovative projects that stimulate reading. Most school librarians and teachers work today alone and under pressure. The digital community / tips-bank offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and methods in an easy and accessible way.