Navigation by Sound

Johan Isaksson

Navigation by Sound is an aid for blind and almost blind people, who today rely mainly on escorts, drivers, sticks and guide dogs, to move and navigate in society as well as experience their surroundings. With the help of sound, users will be able easily quickly and safely navigate in both known and unknown environments, at all times any time.

Flow – Safe, scalable and affordable depression treatment

Flow Neuroscience AB / Daniel Månsson

The aim is to offer a safe alternative to existing depression treatments. The treatment can be given on a larger scale to the world’s 350 million depressed. According to the WHO 50% of people suffering from depression receive no treatment today. The use of antidepressants has exploded in recent years and Flow is an option or complement. The flow treatment program will give it clinically depressed a bye-free, affordable, home-treatment – all done in a scientifically proven manner.

Ento Feed – sustainable animal feed from insects grown on food waste

Fredrik Holmgren Holm

The overall aim is to phase out fishmeal and stop the harvesting of the oceans. This part of the project aims at confirming the cultivation technique on decaying waste and preparing to scale up insect cultivation to investigate whether insect fed farmed fish maintain the same sensory profile and growth rate as when using conventional feed. The pilot project is necessary in order to prepare a scaled-up activity to go from a manual cultivation method to an automated process.

Turning Waste Feathers into a Valuable Protein Source

Mohamad Takwa

Protein hydrolyzate derived from by-products of the poultry industry as feather waste is currently used as organic fertilizer, animal food and nutrition in the aquaculture industry. There is a need to handle a growing amount of chicken feather waste as a potential source of protein hydrolyzate. The project aims at, in cooperation with Ingelsta Turkey, to scale up the production of Bioextrax feather-hydrolysis technique and to provide feed samples to two European feed producers to conduct studies on edibility.

HomebyHemp: Lund’s healthiest Attefallshus!

HomeByHemp AB / Naib Woldermariam

Homebyhemp AB will offer environmentally friendly, durable, turnkey module housing as well as wall panels and insulation composed of the bio-composite material, hempcrete. The composition of Hempcrete (the inner woody core of the hemp plant, lime and water) gives the material its unique hygroscopic properties. The purpose is to meet the industry’s future requirements and customer requests for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly healthy houses. The project is a demo-project that verifies the building requirements of the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning; the technical properties of hemp; new construction techniques and, not least, consumer requirements. The project aims to challenge the construction industry from a sustainability perspective with innovative energy-efficient and healthy housing.

Scanian rapeseeds instead of soybeans – new, climate-smart food of high protein quality

Karolina Östbring

Many consumers want to replace part of the animal protein with plant protein for reasons of climate change. Soy dominates the plant protein market but is not adapted for our cool latitudes. The project aims at developing a protein-rich waste product from rapeseed production and making new, climate-smart plant-based foods that offer consumers what they want. Step one is to investigate whether a mince-product based on rapeseed can be made by means of extrusion.

Atomic layer etching for nano device fabrication

Dmitry Suyatin

Our way of living today would not be possible without modern electronic devices. Current information and communication technologies, industry, medicine and biotechnology development are made possible by the huge development of semiconductor electronics technology, based on a long-term trend of continuous miniaturization. This ALE-based method of manufacturing nanostructures with a characteristic size below 20 nm, without the use of any advanced nano-patterning, enables nanostructure production in a simple, economical and smart way, as it relies only on changes in processing steps and processing parameters.