The chamber music club Krinolin

The chamber music club Krinolin / Stina Jansson

The purpose of Krinolin is for classical chamber music to reach out to a wider and above all younger audience than it usually attracts to concert and opera houses today. Live high quality chamber music is offered in a relaxed social environment where you do not usually expect to hear classical music. The goal is to make more people aware of the amazing repertoire available in the traditional concert halls, and get more people to venture out to listen.

CD Deep Shadows Blue

Celia Linde

The purpose is to raise interest in the sound of the Scandinavian guitar and for our special melodic cultural heritage with roots partially in Scanian soil. By completing a CD with newly written contemporary Swedish music for the guitar, spread Swedish contemporary guitar music internationally.

Analytical Wits

Bengt Edlund

The project ascribes in part to the publication of a book (about 500 pp) entitled Analytical Variations. The book consists of seven independent texts, which have in common that different music analytical methods become the subject of critical review and independent application. The aim is to produce research results that have been developed over a long time. Both books can be seen as enlargements of the approaches to critical, but also constructive, musically scientific debate that characterizes the two volumes released in 2013 and 2015.

PASION VIOLETA – Gala Violeta Parra 100 years

Tanja Naranjo

To perform the concert PASION VIOLETA, Gala Violeta Parra 100 years in Malmö and Stockholm in October 2017, thereby drawing attention to Violeta Parra, one of Chile’s and Latin America’s greatest folk music artists. Well-known Swedish and Chilean artists interpret her songs in brand new innovative arrangements that merge Chilean folk music with Swedish folk music (including 3 new works). We hope to reach a wide audience.

Playing with History “- Platform for Historical Performance at MHM

Malmö Academy of Music / Anna Cronberg and Peter Spissky

The purpose of the platform for historical achievement is to implement practical skills and aesthetics in historical styles for students who play modern instruments through participation in workshops and concert projects. These activities will be directed by Peter Spissky in a new educational situation model – active participation – which he developed from his research. The platform aims at developing early in student development a historical awareness of the style early in student development.

A Scanian Orfeo

The Lund Baroque Association / Johan Linderoth

Claudio Monteverdis “Orfeo” from 1604 is usually temporally thought of as the first work of opera. The work has never been performed in its entirety in Skåne. The Lund Baroque Association in collaboration with Höör Baroque plans to perform the opera in concert form in Kristianstad, Höör and Lund in 2018. In order to reinforce the dramatic event and facilitate the audience’s understanding of the work, a director / choreographer will be hired to work on lighting, and in collaboration with professional dancers to develop a choreography that reinforces key scenes.


Michaela Hansen

A young woman can attain a prestigious job in the conservative world of classical music. Michaela is the only Swedish student flutist to be awarded a place on a prestigious educational programme in Copenhagen that admits only a maximum of two students per year. She has been invited to some of the most exclusive auditions and competitions in the world and now needs a new flute.

Home is where the music is

Cecilia Josefsson

The project “Home is where the music is” aims to work with Syrian chamber music groups operating in Sweden and Skåne in order to explore contemporary music from Syria and premiere it. During rehearsals before the concert, the participating musicians will keep a journal recording musical reflections on rehearsing the repertoire, but also personally describe their life situation in general as seen from the daily perspective of life as a musician in exile. The journal follows a thought process and acts as a key to understanding and getting to know the Syrian musical world on a deeper level.

Höör Baroque Recording a Roman romance

Höör Baroque / Emelie Roos

Johan Helmich Roman’s wonderful music will be arranged especially for the ensemble and recorded on one of the world’s most reputable classical music labels. Some of the music has never been recorded! The label’s worldwide distribution implies that the album will significantly promulgate priceless Swedish heritage, but also offer an invaluable opportunity for the international launch of a young, driven group, which, with its unmistakable name, will put Skåne on the world map.

Professorship in violin

Malmö Academy of Music / Anna Cronberg

The aim is to enable a continuation of the funding of Marika Fältskog’s appointment as an associated professor of violin, 50% at the Malmö Academy of Music for three years, from 1 September 2017 to 31 August 2020. This three-year extension would create a prerequisite for her to continue her efforts and grow the great work she has established in recent years at the Music Academy. Marika’s unique skills are extremely valuable in ensuring quality in the programme.