The fortified city of Christianstad – A walk through the past

Peter Rosengren

The aim of ​​this book is to be an educational and knowledge-building guidebook for those who want to get to know Kristianstad’s military past better. Great emphasis will be placed on describing the military buildings still left in the inner city, but also of other military traces such as street names or where soldiers’ favourite cafés may have been located. The cultural heritage of the Cold War in the areas around Kristianstad will also be highlighted.

What everyone who works with trauma should know about Secondary Trauma

Palmer Psychotherapy and Education / Kerstin Palmer

In today’s world of, among other things, health and social services, there is growing concern for the issue of secondary trauma. This concept is relatively unknown and the result is often a waste of an organization’s time and resources due to additional staff costs. This book is based on a review of academic literature. Source material from theorists and researchers is used to define and clarify how Secondary Trauma can be identified and managed.

Intoxicated – it started in Lund

Stefanie Feldmann Olofsson

Spring in Lund is intoxicating and that is a double-ended meaning. Intoxicatingly beautiful and with a high degree of intoxication! Many people have a relation to the above and by gathering famous people’s thoughts on intoxication in life that have no link to alcohol we want to inspire more people to look for their inward intoxication. The experiences, advice and disclosures of the inhabitants of Lund as well as their exciting and invigorating reflections and experiences raise thoughts and inspire wise sustainable life choices.

If you see me I exist?

Linn Cardell

Over 80,000 people work today as personal assistants. They are often an invisible profession that performs vital work. The purpose of this project is to elucidate, describe and problematize the personal assistant’s professional role; via literature impact people and highlight the benefits and challenges of working alone in healthcare. Through fiction, try to portray reality.

Managing outdoor environments – knowledge of management, influence and quality for better cities

Märit Jansson

Managing outdoor environments is a big but anonymous activity. The project aims at compiling knowledge about management to be implemented in teaching and practices in landscape architecture, architecture, physical planning, etc., primarily in Sweden but also internationally. By producing a proficient textbook on managing outdoor environments work is underway to reverse the trend, where managing outdoor environments is neglected today as a professional activity with ensuing recruiting problems and lack of development, to a positive development where invested resources add value.

High turbidity was noted

Valdemar Westesson

The goal is to conduct ten lectures within six months at venues such as libraries and bookstores, in order to distribute and sell the book about the watercourse, the river Sege, “High turbidity was noted”. The distribution of the book has a broader purpose than the book itself. It raises the question of what the landscape we take for granted hides; and what the people who live there have to tell you if you really listen.

SPOK publication

Form Design Centre / Maria Vieweg

SPOK (Contemporary Production and Consumption) is a platform for production aimed at gathering and disseminating knowledge about local manufacturing opportunities, from crafts to industry. SPOK has Skåne as its starting point and strives to promote the development of local production and, in the long run, also more local consumption. The purpose of this grant application is to enable the design-driven SPOK initiative to produce a book or publication on the subject.

The Eco-city Augustenborg, lessons and experiences

Malmö city / Monika Månsson

Augustenborg is one of the few successful examples of total refurbishment of a residential estate from the people’s homes (“folkhemmet”) period that will be documented and compiled so that the experience can be disseminated. The purpose is to inspire more people to refurbish according to the concept that has been developed. It is both demanding and unusual that experiences are documented systematically and made available to practitioners. Real examples documented with background, outcomes and results are invaluable to the development of expertise and innovation in the real estate and construction industry.