Local Food Nodes

Local Food Nodes Röstånga Economic Association / Albin Ponnert

The aim is to develop a limitless and open digital platform (Local Food Nodes) for organizing local food delivery-venues. All trade takes place direct with the producer, which means that the platform does not handle any kind of sales or administrate payments. Only membership fees are handled via the platform. This strengthens the capacity of small local producers as part of promoting local development but, above all, creates sustainable solutions for the consumer to access locally produced food, direct from source. Further it acts as a link in redirecting societies towards a more mindful and sustainable food supply. By shortening the food supply chain in this manner, money is rerouted to flow direct between source and end consumer.

Dive Finder

SubDetect AB / Ola Albertsson

The aim is to manufacture a “black box” for divers. There is a need to communicate with and position divers in underwater environments. The project involves designing, manufacturing and selling a device that makes it possible to locate and attracting attention between divers. It is difficult for divers to communicate and locate each other, among other things, when Visibility is Reduced – Night Diving – Drift Diving – Needing Attention (e.g., low air supply) – Emergencies – Orientation. This leads to incidents, injuries and sometimes fatalities. The aim is to increase the safety and comfort of diving.

Animus Heart Platform

Fidan Bytyqi

The purpose of the project is to make smart homes accessible to everyone. The benefits of all consumer electronics has until now only reached an existential level, but this solution grants consumer electronics a greater purpose. Consumer electronics will communicate in the home. This gives birth to new solutions that solve specific problems. The home can also communicate with service providers as a separate entity to quickly address acute problems such as burglaries, water leaks, etc.

The world’s best multiplier reels

Brillianze Sweden AB / Patrik Zander

Far too long, the world’s anglers have had to struggle with tangled lines and constant adjustments of various braking systems instead of catching fish and enjoying the experience. With this patent-pending brake, sport fishing becomes easier, completely without tangle. The brake provides the user an optimal braking function that only brakes when needed: no braking effect when starting the cast, automatic braking when the fishing lure is in motion in order to prevent overrun (bird’s nest) and maximum effect when the lure hits the water.

Startup Live! By Malmö Startups – Event series for the startup community in southern Sweden

Malmö Startups / Lovisa Nicklasson

Startup Live! is southern Sweden’s largest recurring event for people interested in startups and entrepreneurship. It is an event series for everyone from driven students and organizations to entrepreneurs and international investors who are interested in the Swedish market. The purpose is to highlight and pay tribute to the flourishing startup scene in our region by arranging Startup Live! three times a year.

Edible Ideas

Gro’up / Nina Christensson

Gro’up is a new type of dynamic player that uses food and food culture as a social tool and works towards the best possible synergies with other relevant players in the region. Edible Ideas is a way to show how all segments and sub-segments within food and food culture combine to form a whole and how food projects have strong and clear social benefits; food includes, integrates and activates. Edible Ideas is based on the idea of ​​”national gastronomy” meaning that food is an essential part of the societal system we live and work in.

Resource-minimal land-cooled refrigeration plant for small-scale farming

Långaröds gardens / Veronika Rangin

The project aims to build and evaluate a low-tech and resource-minimal refrigeration storage-system for application in small-scale agriculture and horticulture. By studying traditional root cellars and looking at modern needs and conditions, the system is designed to work without electricity and maintain a low uniform temperature of about 8°C all year round. This can improve postharvest processing of agricultural and garden products and increase opportunities for smaller businesses.

Swop Shop also becomes Swop App

Jane Olsson

In a world of overconsumption there is increased interest in shopping in a sustainable way. In 2013, a clothes swop shop opened in Malmö. Many visitors have since shown a strong interest in swopping and sharing their garments, but due to distance, membership has not been an option for those living in other cities than Malmö. The aim is to develop an app that attracts more people, even outside Malmö, to change their consumption patterns and reach out to those customers who have been waiting for an economical and sustainable way to swop their clothes for new ones without impacting the environment or their wallet.

A home to enjoy living in, a city to enjoy living in

Nicole Bustos Borquez

Malmö is battling and is today a segregated city where the gap increases for each passing day. According to Save the Children Annual Review 2015 on child poverty, Malmö ranks the highest, with every third child lives in poverty. Many people are ashamed to bring home friends because they do not think their homes are good enough. Something that limits many people from decorating their home in the best possible fashion is often lack of funds but also lack of inspiration. By using used and restored furniture you can get a lot for very little money. Youth unemployment is record size, and Malmö has many unemployed newcomers who want to do something meaningful. The purpose of the project is to act as a link in cross-border cooperation between young people in Malmö and companies that want to reconcile business benefit with social benefit.