The book about Ribersborgs Kallbadhus and our bathing habits through the ages

Lars- Gunnar Bengtsson

The aim is to publish a book about the listed building, Ribersborgs Kallbadhus in Malmö and bathing habits through the ages. The book will be richly illustrated with historical and recent photographs of Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, as well as all the other open-air baths, big and small, along the beaches of Malmö and Limhamn of bygone years. Limhamns Saltsjöbad, tvåöresbaden and Malmö Badhusaktiebolag’s public baths in the harbour as well as the new open-air baths in the harbour will get their stories told.


Literature studies on methylmercury

Olof Regnéll

Mercury (Hg) is a threat primarily to aquatic organisms and their predators. An important question is the form in which mercury is absorbed and in what form it is methylated. The project involves compiling and critically evaluating research findings from both field and laboratory studies that hold important information about mercury methylation, including studies not directly focused on this process. The main objective is to significantly improve understanding of how, why and under what conditions, inorganic mercury is converted into highly toxic methylmercury by compiling and drawing conclusions from the published work relevant to this area of research.


Health and health-promoting work from a salutogenic perspective – a book project

Petra Nilsson Lindström

The aim of the project is to write a book about the salutogenic aspects on research and practical health work, in order to boost the knowledge and ability of researchers, students and practitioners in health projects and health work. The salutogenic perspective has thus far not been given much attention, as there is no book with the proposed focus on the market. The book will therefore meet a need within several different areas.


Interdisciplinary perspectives on the potential and challenges of eHealth

Gudbjörg Erlingsdóttir

The project will result in the publication of an anthology on eHealth under the preliminary title “eHealth: For better, for worse – in sickness and in health.” eHealth is a relatively new research area that is rapidly growing. The Pufendorfgruppen has a unique interdisciplinary structure that allows for analysis and discussion, from different perspectives of eHealth potential as well as the obstacles and concerns surrounding future development in the area.


Lauritx, 15 years old

Eva Ullerud

Lauritz, now age 88, was at 15 an active member of the resistance in Norway. He had to flee to Sweden and came to the now relatively unknown gymnastics camps for secret training of soldiers in Sweden. His brother at 16 joined the youth association, Nasjonal Samling (Quisling’s party) in Norway and was recruited to the Norwegian Legion which took part in the Battle of Leningrad on the side of Germany. This book project is a documentation of events during World War II while the main character is still alive and can tell. The events are not just history, they are direct parallels with what is happening today and they can increase our understanding.


Strandvägen – a richly illustrated book about life along Lomma’s oldest street

Eva Wrede

Strandvägen in Lomma is part of the old road between Malmo and Helsingborg. It runs close to the sea and is lined by a settlement that emerged largely in the second half of the 19th century. The history of this street is also the story of Lomma’s development in the last 150 years. A book that puts today’s Lomma into perspective and provides inspiration for new local projects. All societies and people, gain from knowing their own history. Knowledge of the past helps us not to repeat old mistakes, makes us deferential to other people’s sacrifices and can also show the way to new opportunities. The opposite – a lack of a sense of history – is stupefying and sometimes even dangerous.


Scanian legends – a book for the whole family on the history and landscape of Skåne as told in exciting stories

Per Gustavsson

The project involves giving out a book of legends from Skåne that caters to children, adolescents and adults and inspires readers to jointly explore Skåne and discover both its geographical landscape as well as its history. Popular legends are folk tales, with no specific author, retold over the centuries. They deal with extraordinary events, unusual people and supernatural happenings in the midst of everyday life. They are often linked to a particular location. The main idea behind the book is that intriguing stories linked to just such places have a very special appeal.


Thomanders Christmas Commemorative book – When Christmas came to Lund

Thomanders Christmas in Lund/Stéfanie Feldmann Olofsson

The non-profit association Thomanders Jul is celebrating its 5th Christmas anniversary and in conjunction with the university’s 350th anniversary is publishing a commemorative book. It will be a historical children’s book under the working title: When Christmas came to Lund. In just five years, a group of ordinary people living in Lund have built up something that nowadays is a big part of Lund’s Christmas celebrations. We have wanted to highlight the best of Lund in co-operation with all who wish to contribute, and in a short time managed to build a strong brand with features that many, despite the short time we have existed, refer to as “traditions”. The aim has been to convey history in such a way that everyone, young and old, socially vulnerable, would feel included and warmed by the experience.