Understanding social understanding

Patrixio Lo Presti

What are the prerequisites for people to understand each other? How can we arrange our lives so as to conduce consensus? Patrizio Lo Presti asks this question in his thesis Norms in Social Interaction: Semantic, Epistemic, and Dynamic. The answer has practical implications on how we perceive an age marked with new meetings between people from different sociocultural backgrounds.


Even more free maths help for Skåne

Mattecentrum/Lotta Kamm

The non-profit association Mattecentrum offers help free of charge to everyone studying mathematics. The purpose of this project grant application is for managing and further developing the organisation in Skåne. It will allow even more help with maths homework to children and young people in Skåne and provide opportunity for equal access to knowledge, better understanding and more confidence in the subject. All free of charge! Basic knowledge of mathematics is a democratic right.


Open all taps

Koala Bar/Axel Ploman

The purpose is to help and inspire children and young people by changing attitudes and the attitude of how to relate to mental disorders. This constitutes a big problem in today’s Sweden where there is no apparent or accessible help available. Most dare not seek help because of the shame and ignorance that surrounds the subject. This unique approach to the problem is to stage a show filled with music, discussions and humour in order to face these difficult, scary and challenging issues.


Documenting old stone arch bridges in Northwest Skåne

Lars Thulin

Arch bridges were built with stone in Skåne mainly during the period 1760 – 1860. Many of them have been demolished, destroyed by vegetation or by new bridges being built over the old ones. Maintenance has been neglected. The bridges are in disrepair: a cultural and historical heritage is being lost. Historical records of older bridges are limited. The aim is to raise public and government awareness of the heritage value of old arch bridges.


Skissernas Museum – developing of ideas, the artistic process and the public space

Patrick Amsellem

The project aims to increase access to the unique collection of sketches in Skissernas Museum to include public art from around the world by producing the first comprehensive presentation of the collections and the museum. The museum would like to produce an attractive book in Swedish and English that uses a selection of works and popular science texts to present the museum’s collections and the issues these raise in an historical and contemporary perspective.


Researchers go on the road

Lund University/Åsa Grunning

The third objective (tredje uppgiften) of a university was entered in the Higher Education Act 1977. In addition to the traditional objectives, education and research, Swedish universities are responsible for spreading information of their activities. A researcher’s knowledge is valuable to society and its development and often contributes to the analysis of social phenomena. The idea of a researchers’ tour came in autumn 2014. Public libraries are the most visited public institutions in a great many municipalities. Lund University has a vast amount of interesting research material rarely shared with the general public. At the same time, libraries have already created platforms for all types of lectures and workshops. The goal has been to hook up to their organisations with existing research that can be of interest to a target audience already present in the library or whom the library wishes to attract.


The battle of Lund – creating the present from history

Katedralskolan/Marcus Karlsson

Slightly to the north of Lund, in the year 1676, the Danish and Swedish armies fought one of the bloodiest battles in Nordic history. The Battle of Lund is a fascinating, frightening and disturbing story that can be told over and over again. Katedralskolan’s students wish to recount the story in a manner that has never been done before. By using new technology, images, audio, film adaptations and creative texts and in collaboration with culture, business and schools, they will create an App in order to portray the Battle of Lund. The history programme is a national education course with focus on the subject of history.


Robert Mckee’s STORY Seminar

Vy Film AB/Nicholas Wakemham

Robert Mckee is at the age of 75 a giant in the field of script development, narrative storytelling and writing, primarily in film and television productions. The Robert McKee STORY Seminar at Malmo Live is a perfect opportunity to access world class further education that develops professionals both in the city and the region. Further, the arrangement is seen as an opportunity and a venue to gather many of the players in the creative industries in the region and generate cross-border collaborations and events of similar nature in the future.


Restoration of the exhibition Skåne is born

Malmö Museer/Paula Sjöblom

The subject of dinosaurs fascinates. Petrodactyls, pterosaurs, hovered in the air and swam in the oceans, in addition to some 40 species of sharks, giant mosasaurus that could devour a shark in one bite! Since Skåne, unlike the rest of Sweden, was under water for such a long time, the bedrock from the dinosaur era has been protected from erosion. Skåne is, therefore, unique to the researcher. There have been many scientific discoveries spanning from the Triassic era to today. In order to spread knowledge of Skåne’s exciting history Malmö Museum is seeking funds to renew the exhibition “Skåne is born”.


EOS Language Café

Idrottsklubben Eos/Axel Wallin

The EOS Language Café started on January 23, 2016 and is held every Saturday, 1pm – 3pm at Eoshallen in Lund. The aim of the project is to create a venue where people can come together and build relationships on the basis of an interest in language, culture and social interaction. Eos will contribute to the integration between those established and the newly arrived, students and workers as well as to the refugee child’s experience of Eos as an inclusive, caring association, and a good activity to get involved in.


Teeming wetlands

Johan Hammar

Large parts of Sweden’s original wetlands are gone. Ditched, drained and reclaimed to create land and conditions for efficient agriculture and forestry. This informational project will result in a TV production for viewing in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The purpose of the film is to influence people so that they help to create a cleaner Baltic Sea. In an exciting, interesting and beautiful manner the story of the return of the wetlands will unfold. The scientific research that has been carried out on the newly constructed and reconstructed wetlands is made available and visible, generating an understanding and increased awareness of all the ecosystem services that wetlands contribute to.