Questioning Schenkerism

Bengt Edlund

The project concerns the publication of a book with the title “Questioning Schenkerism” accepted for publishing by the renowned scientific publishing house ”Peter Lang” Frankfurt. The book consists of nine independent musically analytical texts whose common denominator is the critique of the theory and the analysis of tonal music presented by Heinrich Schenker. Since his book “Der freie Satz” was published in Vienna in 1935 his ideas have gained many followers and become all too dominant especially in American musical analysis.

Jac the Clown

Alfred Jimenez

The purpose of the scholarship is to go on a Skåne tour with the new opera “Jac the clown” based on Hjalmar Bergman’s last book of the same name. The purpose of the project and the selected story is not to downplay the problems individuals in a wealthy country like Sweden face. Rather to highlight the weaknesses of social acceptance when it comes to divergence such as mental health, social status and ethnicity.

Parforce S-Tone hunters

Benny Ringsberg

The project aims to start and develop a unique project, brass band only for Parforce S hunting horns. Members will learn to blow Parforce S hunting horns, resulting in an opportunity to appear in a joint group/brass band. Once completed, the project will have created great value for music lovers, particularly with respect to the brass band of Parforce S hunting horns.

To meet people across borders

Bo Genner, Skånes Jakthorn

Skåne Hunting Horn play both traditional and contemporary ensemble music Fürstplesshorn and Parforcehorn. Skåne Hunting Horn intend to continue developing the association’s activities in Sten K’s spirit, in his own words, “culture makes people meet across borders”. The purpose is to preserve, highlight and bring to life traditional Scanian hunting horn music.

CD recording “Swedish romances”

Julia Sigovia

The aim of this project is to show a new personal interpretation of Swedish romances. The goal is to record an album of good quality to be presented both in Sweden and in other countries.

ARTIST in RESIDENCE at the Malmö Academy of Music

Håkan Rydin

An important part of the Malmö Academy of Music is to get input from outside in the form of guest teachers/musicians that complement the training the school’s teachers give. “Artist in Residence” (AIR), provides an opportunity to engage the guest teachers/performers/musicians for longer periods of time. The aim is to provide the 40 or so participating jazz students high quality artistic inspiration. To expose the Music Academy to a wider audience is another objective and finally the concerts are a part of the recruitment process for young musicians who are considering applying to the Academy’s courses.

The composer as entrepreneur, the entrepreneur as composer

Rolf Martinsson

The aim is to increase understanding of contemporary Swedish (and Scanian!) Music and put it in context in a way that makes it meaningful and more accessible to the audience. Through my music I can, in a personal way, represent Sweden/Skåne on the world stage and thereby promote and arouse interest for Swedish classical/contemporary music and its practitioners in general. Another aim is to bridge communication difficulties and prejudices against contemporary music.

Music at Ribbingsberg

Boel Adler

Ribbingberg’s Cultural Association organizes musical events with great musical breadth, where accomplished artists perform everything from ballads, jazz, chamber music, opera and sing along and give local music fans both familiar strains and surprising meetings of sound. Ribbingsberg is a venue for music and the arts with performances of high artistic level with room for great variety and for the artists’ imagination and playfulness and where the participation of local artists is prioritized.

Publication of German and Swedish educational texts for the flute

Anders Ljungar Chapelon

There is a great need to spread awareness and accessibility of flute compositions and educational texts from the 1700s, 1800s, and the early 1900s. Currently, these materials are in principle almost unknown by professional flutists and researchers. The publication of the above compositions and educational texts for the flute entails that I write the scientific comments comprising analyses, contextualizations and textual criticism of each publication.

Vindla in the Glass country – a CD recording

Elina Nygren

Vindla is a classically-trained string quartet which, with great curiosity, takes on different genres thus challenging the traditional form of the string quartet. We want to reach out to children and adults who rarely encounter classical or string music. A recording will make the music accessible both physically and digitally. We want to show that you do not always have to adapt music especially for children; that children and adults can be touched and appreciate the same kind of music and together share the experience, based on respective frame of references. Our intention is for the record to be used in educational work in pre-schools.

Popularise Jazz!

Andreas Baw

The project aims to reach new audiences and make jazz a part of the vibrant club scene. We do this by combining pop and jazz, hoping in this way to develop both genres. We feel that today’s pub culture is devoid of live jazz music. Our experience is that jazz is mainly found in the organizational activities at various jazz clubs where re-growth of members has stalled. We want to give Jazz a natural place in Malmö’s nightlife. Through a genre cross-meeting between musicians from pop and jazz, we hope that jazz will reach new audiences.

Arabian Baroque

Stina Jansson

The project has two main purposes. The first is to bring together musicians from different cultures and musical backgrounds, and let music mediate between past and present through creative exploration of different types of early music and new musical traditions. The second aim is to promote dialogue with young people regarding cultural identity and solidarity across borders past and present. This will be done by inviting high-school students to our concerts and following these up by discussion of the experience with musicians and experts in the field.

The women of Baroque

Karin Samuelsson

Giovanni Quartet is a professional Malmö based ensemble that plays baroque music on period instruments. During 2015/16 we want to create a concert focusing on female Baroque composers and their music. The project aims to create a varied concert in two acts based on women’s music, but also to give an insight into their lives and their role in society. Instrumental music and songs will be woven together with texts by and about the composers. In Baroque music as well as in classical music generally there is a great imbalance in the representation of female composers.

A new composition for the chamber music ensemble duo FriBerg by Daniel Fjellström

Joakim Berg

duo FriBerg is a chamber music ensemble that has been active for more than 10 years. The duo is one of Sweden’s most exciting young constellations. There are not many Swedish works for saxophone and percussion. Most works are the ones duo FriBerg has commissioned. duo FriBerg feels a great responsibility to develop the repertoire for saxophone and percussion. Daniel Fjellström is a young composer who in recent years has taken huge steps towards becoming one of Sweden’s major new composers. He has received several awards. Now duo FriBerg wants to meet Daniel Fjellström musically.