We built a Sharehouse!

Sara Hallström

In a unique collaboration with Malmö’s municipal housing (MKB) the members of the non-profit organization Kollektivhus in Malmö (KiM) have been involved in developing a new, modern and energy efficient house in northern Sofielund. The aim is to write a book that displays and disseminates a very instructive and inspiring case. To be able to choose a way of living with an increased level of community feeling and co-operation has everything from social and demographic to environmental and household economics.

Organizational health and safety risks at work

Lisbeth Rydén

Work-related mental ill health accounts for an increasing proportion of reported symptoms, ill health and absenteeism in today’s society. The book project is based on an AFA funded research project 2010-2015 that has been conducted at the Centre for Applied Work Research and Evaluation, CTA, at Malmö University. The book describes a methodology that has been developed in a research project to assess organizational health and safety risks at work.

A summer with Stage Österlen

Lalla Thord

The book is about Stage Österlen, a children and youth theatre with and for children and adolescents. It is a non-profit theatre that has been active in Simrishamn since 1999. The theatre performs musicals and Christmas shows involving children’s and young people’s reality. Since the start, about 500 performances have been staged by thousands of children and adolescents. The theatre’s vision is to strengthen the individual and try to get the children to feel their own strength, their own person and their own creativity. It is an amateur theatre with professional leaders.

The way to social innovation – Cancerkompisar.se

Alexandra Lellky, Cancerkompisar

Cancer Buddies wants to write a book and describe how it all began, from an idea at the kitchen table to the service Cancerkompisar.se, the social innovation. How did it come about? Who did we ask for help? How did we think? What we did do to achieve what we are today; from two Cancer Buddies to thousands? If Cancer Buddies share their journey, we believe we can help and inspire others to realize their dreams while at the same time doing good.

E-book ‘Harvest Rainwater’ – A concept for sustainable gardening

Eva Mathiasson

How long can we water our gardens with drinking water? The question concerns one of the main environmental issues resulting from the expected climate change, old and undersized municipal pipelines and water that goes untreated into lakes and streams instead of filtrating down to the groundwater through the soil and thus purified. In “the Garden as a Living room”, we have worked with these issues, as volunteers, since 2008. Meanwhile, a new garden concept has been developed. The concept includes harvesting, storage and use of rainwater in horticulture to make us less dependent on municipally purified water. The concept also includes other ways to reduce water consumption and thus vulnerability.

When your child does not eat

Kajsa Lamm Laurin

In the rich flora of literature aimed at parents, there are today many books about WHAT children should eat and HOW to prepare the food. However, it is difficult to find research-based knowledge about what parents need to do when children eat far too little, or do not dare to try new things. The purpose of the book and the project “When your child does not eat” is to expose that there may be difficulties in a child’s eating development and eating and to give parents, relatives and others a sound knowledge platform to help the child.