Commercialization of integrated aquaculture

Johan Ljungquist, Scandinavian Aquasystems

Globally, aquaculture is by far the fastest growing sector of food production and has been for the past few decades. In Sweden, aquaculture has, however, decreased in recent years. We want to create a sustainable integrated aquaculture seafood production in the countryside of Skåne and pursue a process for a national test bed for aquaculture.

Mobile separated manure solids – profitable and sustainable for Swedish agriculture

Filip Celander, Agrilogik

Swedish dairy farmers spend a fortune every year buying bedding material for their cows in order to keep them comfortable and avoid injuries while indoors. Many dairy farmers are struggling financially, but the concept of recycled separated manure solids as bedding material can both increase profitability and reduce dependence on price trends in the market. The overall aim of the project is to promote agriculture in Skåne that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Aquaponic CSA

Niklas Hjelm, Hemmaodlat

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture (share cultivation/farming). By buying a share of the cultivation the consumer will get locally produced vegetables in return. In order to grow vegetables in a sustainable way, we have chosen to utilize aquaponics.  Aquaponic cultivation/farming reduces the use of fertilizers to a minimum by using fish in a closed system, recycling the fish faeces to fertilize the plants. We will establish a commercial aquaponic cultivation/farming on Augustenborgstorget in Malmö. It will produce food for 8-10 people every week all year round. Since the cultivation is small, the educational value is of the utmost importance.

ALC – Auto-release Lifejacket Container

Johan Andersson, Marsafe AB

Marsafe is developing a new system for the release of lifejackets on board ships; the Auto-Release Lifejacket Container, ALC. Today’s lifejacket containers are sealed and the problem arises if a ship sinks without anyone opening the containers manually, resulting in several hundred lifejackets going down with the ship. Marsafe has developed a new system that enables lifejackets in the containers to be released automatically if the container has not been opened manually before it hits the sea.

Cyclicor – Scaling up the production of toxic-free polymers

Kristofer Cook, Cyclicor AB

Cyclicor AB is a spin-off company from Lund University, based on patent pending technology utilizing a green chemistry approach for producing building blocks for industrial polymers, polycarbonates and polyurethanes that are totally free of bisphenols and isocyanates, typically used in commercially available polymers.

Personalisation & adaptation of wheelchairs

Thomas Klevås, Funwheels of Sweden AB

The project aims to test and develop production technologies and products to create a new generation of accessories for wheelchairs. Our products can provide improved opportunities, among other, for disabled sports –  in the form of sponsorship money, for hospitals – cut costs (currently some SEK 1million wheelchairs are stolen annually, just at Karolinska University Hospital) and for individuals – access to better, more efficient and more attractive equipment.

Development of a system for measuring equine motor disease

Josefin Starkhammar

The fact that equine motor disease is today assessed in principle only in a subjective manner, by simply looking at how the horse moves, is a huge problem. This project aims to overcome this problem by developing a measuring system that can be used as an aid in the assessment. Such a system would save the horse industry large sums of money as equine motor disease could be monitored on a daily basis in connection with exercise, without the need call in a veterinary surgeon until an injury is verified.

Development of InfinityCarrier

Niklas Najafi, Najell AB

In 2014 Najell AB launched the prize-winning children’s product Sleep Carrier which can be used in four different ways. Sleep Carrier can be used as a horizontal carrier for sleeping, a mattress, a soft baby carry cot and a baby cocoon. This project aims to develop a prototype ready for production of the concept InfinityCarrier which is a new type of baby carrier where the user’s shoulders are not strained at all.