Management by Heart for Young Leaders

Myran Grönlund

With Management by Heart for Young Leaders, we want to implement an experience- based leadership programme for young people and high school students in their late teens, where participants are made aware of the humanistic approach, so that they can work for a sustainable world based on diversity and peaceful coexistence. The programme should be seen as complementary to togetherness in the home and at school. We want primarily to inspire participants to develop their full individual potential by seeing themselves as they are, and to dare to be themselves. The programme aims to give young people an insight, presence and development through dialogue, experience and confidence.

Your Voice Will Echo! – Revolution within the world of education

Jassim Ahmadi

Too often we see how the world of education breaks down children’s self-esteem and self-image because of an inflexible system that rewards and celebrates high-performing students, while others end up neglected and considered a burden. This project aims to highlight everyone’s resources, whether they achieve the learning objectives or not. The project is aimed at students in primary and secondary schools to raise their self-esteem. We work with prevention and health but also with giving individuals the help to create a clearer picture of where they are in their development in order to then create a long-term goal for how, what and where they want to be in the future.

YOU++ – Coding education platform for kids

Caroline Mensch

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. We passionately believe that the world would be a better place if more children had access to coding education. If we want to expose all children to coding, regardless of their socio-economic background, we have to bring coding education into schools. Not only will this increase the reach and equality in coding education, it will also pave the way to modernization of the general education system. It is time to fully exploit the technology and the pedagogical power of gamification and customized learning. We help teachers to understand that coding is not scary, not even difficult, but a great opportunity to innovate primary school.

Didici AB – Innovative and scalable method for a competitive primary school and reduced social exclusion

Johan Fredriksson

SI, Supplemental Instruction and Collaborative Learning, is a model for learning developed in the US to reduce dropouts and improve university grades. It is based on a model student (SI leader) who plans and conducts weekly lessons (SI meetings). This project involves the development and scale-up of a concrete, system changing and scalable tool to increase knowledge development in primary school and reduce social exclusion. This is done by a completely new implementation of the SI model, where teachers, and not Didici consultants, are turned into protagonists. The project will be carried out in Skåne based on one primary school in Burlöv and two in Malmö (Rosengård and Husie) and in a new educational context at SFI in Malmö.

”Malmö Children’s stories about Food and Farming” and a Farming school during the summer break

 Linnea Wettermark

The aim is to stimulate children and adults to greater understanding and knowledge of how food is produced and increase their interest in organic farming and locally produced food. We want to involve Malmö’s children, listen to their thoughts and ideas on farming and food because we believe that children do not always get the chance to be seen, nor to get their voices heard. We wish, therefore, to highlight each individual and let them tell their stories and share their experiences. Along with a photo (optional) the child will present herself/himself. The presentations will be displayed at an outdoor exhibition at Malmö Museum for visitors to view during the summer. The benefits are that we create a pedagogy that appeals to children and increases learning.

Teachtrail Labs

Joel Larsson

Teachtrail is a “playlist” for digital learning materials. By applying the model “playlist” on training, we want to make digital educational resources on the Internet accessible to Swedish schools. The goal of Teachtrail Lab is to develop a tool that helps teachers and students to better utilize the training material that is already available online. A long-term goal is to bring about an increased use of Internet-based educational resources in Swedish schools. We want Skåne to be the driving force in this development.