Berlin – Maglehem, Art and how to get there

Lars Cederholm

An exchange between artists from Maglehem’s Artists and the internationally famous Berlin Artists. Maglehems Kulturförening will arrange a 10-day exhibition around the Midsummer festival, partly as a collective exhibition at Maglegårda Konsthall in Maglehem and partly at the studios of each of our artists who are exhibiting and acting as host to one of the Berlin artists.

The Conference

Martin Thörnkvist, Media Evolution

The Conference by Media Evolution is an international meeting place for people who want to change the world and have the appropriate commitment to do so. Some 1,000 people are involved in the conference at Slagthuset in Malmo during two days. A further 1,000 participate in workshops, master classes and meetings with the local community during the week of the conference. The participants are decision makers and creators. The common denominator is that they work with communication in one form or another or are firmly convinced that they have the power to change the world from their perspective.

Radicalization – Discover and Prevent

Andreas Ring,

The aim of the project is to stage 20 half-day seminars/trainings on detecting and preventing radicalization during autumn 2015 and spring 2016. The target group is school staff, mainly at secondary school level. The training aims to give teachers greater knowledge and understanding of the problems involved and that the work to prevent extremism is very much about supporting young individuals who experience alienation and frustration.

The art of becoming a Scanian

Anna Alsmark, Skånska Akademien

A book project involving authors of science, culture, media and sports describing their interaction with what is Scanian in a multicultural and dynamic region. Together it will modulate the somewhat simplified picture of what Skåne stands for today.


Yasemin Arhan Modéer, Altitude Meetings

Reading skills is our most pressing social, cultural and democratic issue. Not only because the skill of reading and understanding is rapidly declining, but also because reading skills cut through all groups and layers of society. One problem with reading skills is that the groups and sectors most affected rarely or never meet. Schools, libraries, the book industry and researchers have discussions all in different forums. README wants to change this. README will be an annual conference on reading.

FCM1 Photographic Centre Magasin 1 AB

Adam Haglund, Apelöga

Since autumn 2012 we have worked actively to establish a Photographic Centre (like Stockholm ” Photographic “) in Malmö. The goal has always been to set up operations in Magasin 1, M1, in Malmö Nyhamn, some 650meters from Malmö C. With the help of people in our network, which encompasses the elite of Swedish photography, we will choose a fitting photo exhibition to display. Of importance is that it is an exhibition of high class – world class – and at the same time of relevance to the people of Malmö.

Research festival for present day dramatic art

Jörgen Dahlqvist, Teater Weimar

The festival aims to create new insight into dramatic art. The approach to dramatic art has become an increasingly interesting topic within the performing arts and research can contribute new insight in the field. The knowledge we have already acquired through the experienceof bringing together different media for expression has led to invitations to numerous European festivals and we know that our performances are of the highest international class. We now want to establish this knowledge so that Skåne becomes an artistic centre for the contemporary performing arts.

Studies in Seneca’s Epistulae Morales

Aron Sjöblad

The aim is to spread knowledge of philosopher Seneca’s moral teachings. This ancient wise man has for 2,000 years been a support to people searching for answers. The book is about the imagery of Seneca’s collection of letters “Epistulae Morales”, written about 60AD. The book shows how the moral and philosophical development Seneca is trying to accomplish with his readers is described, among other things, through a series of parables and metaphors.

How can you become sportmusical?

Mikaela Färnqvist, Idrottsentreprenörerna

The project aims to contribute to more creativity and better performance by combining sport and music. The project wants to make visible the research available and invite to new meetings across different industries, interests, ages and geographical affiliation. In the project we have chosen to work with five athletes representing different sports and who can act as role models and ambassadors for the project.

Weltklasse 2015

Liza Nydén, Ideon AB

The project “Weltklasse” comprises a series of talks on stage, where world leading research, mainly from Lund University, is highlighted. The aim of the project is to, in a simple and uncomplicated way, interest and engage citizens, regionally, nationally and internationally. The world leading research taking place in Lund is extensive and impressive, and should receive more focus, but in a simpler and more comprehensible manner than today. We want to highlight the customer benefits and the commercial gains of a new product or research, rather than the theoretical and academic science behind it.