Parforce ES-tone hunters

Skåne Hunting Horn/Benny Ringsberg

Skåne Hunting Horn intends to start and develop a unique project – wind instrument band only for Parforce Es hunting horn. The goal of the project is that practitioners learns to blow Parforce Es hunting horn, which will result in an opportunity to perform in a public group/orchestra. Once implemented, the project will have a large innovative value for the music lovers, in particular for wind band for Parforce Es hunting horn, the ensemble must be maintained with frequent repetitions to continue to evolve for many years to come.

The latest additions to the Skåne organ landscape

Anders Johnsson

The project aims to document the news in Skåne organ landscape on a double CD and thus spreading awareness of organ music and various organ styles. The intention is to use a record label with international distribution to sensitize scanian organ culture nationally and internationally. The main goal is to raise awareness to a key part of Skåne living heritage and church music culture. The newly built organs in Skåne are in themself innovative, but also the phenomenon of organ landscape with stylistically and, in terms of size, varied organs documented within the same disc album is innovative in Sweden. The mixture of contemporary music contrasting against established or unknown traditional repertoire is artistically challenging and arouses curiosity.

New opus for Duo CarrQuennerstedt by Emanuel Ladenstein

Emanuel Ladenstein

The composer Emanuel Ladenstein will compose a new opus for the ensemble Duo CarrQuennerstedt. The opus will be a composition of several batches, with a playing time of about. 10-15 minutes. Duo CarrQuennerstedt wish to confront the audience with new music, which is personal and innovative in their language and narrative form and its interpretation – genuinely expressions of people living in the third millennium.

Making arias to contemporary hits

Maria Carlsson

The goal of the project is to develop the classic song by putting tradition-bound pieces in a new and more personal perspective, and also to develop popular music by introducing more elaborate melody and harmony as well as texts of the great poets with deeper and more graphic message than would otherwise be used. Thus, to get really good music to reach a new audience and to get the “old” audience to listen with new ears.

Medi meets

Myomusica/Ida Karlsson

A concert series in ten parts. Medi is a duo from Malmö who plays their own compositions mixed with free improvisation and seasons them with spatial excursions. Concerts will have free entry and some of them will be in places where you do not expect live music, to reach out to as many people as possible and as a part of the musical experience. Some of concerts will be recorded to be the start of a new disc project to strengthen Malmö on the free jazz map, and to highlight the diversity of the musicians that practice around Malmö.

Two aunties on tour

Jeanette Krantz Adner and Annika Nerfont

The idea is that, along with a multi musician, create a directed concert. A concert that highlights and deals with various women’s histories and experiences through life. Everything from discovering self, love, doubt, community, old age and death. The idea is to depict both strong and downtrodden, young and old, good and bad women through music history. All through the composer’s and librettist, but above all ”the aunties”, eyes.

”The prominent man”

Ann-Christin Wesser Ingels

The project involves the performance and documentation of both Clara’s and Robert Schumann’s piano music. The music is closely associated with Romanticism, a cultural epoch whose spirit and ideals in many ways are present even today. The performance of their music will be combined with lectures. The lectures deal with aspects of music making today and then, on Schumann’s time. Parallel to these concerts / lectures, a concert version for children will be done, where they may be involved in the concert, and the tale of two pianists who lived long ago.

Vox Humana

Ensemble SYD/Ann-Christin Wesser Ingels

The Ensemble SYD is southern Sweden’s professional vocal ensemble. During 2014/2015 the ensemble has been offered to make a high quality recording of Allan Pettersson’s song cycle “Vox Humana” at the reputed international record labels CPO. The record company’s goal is to record all the major works of selected composers. In the collection the record company lacks Allan Pettersson’s Vox Humana. For Ensemble SYD’s part, it means that the ensemble is given an opportunity to put Skåne on the international music map.

Krinolin – the chamber music club

Krinolin – kammarmusikklubben/Annasara Lundgren

Krinolin – the chamber music club featuring live chamber music in its best form for new and old audience. The Club organizes an evening a month at the Grand beer & food in Malmö. The evenings begin with a concert and then it’s open stage in the genre. Krinolin offers classical music in a intimate format with an open and relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to participate and no unwritten rules exist.

Violinist Professorship for Malmö Musical Highschool

Musikhögskolan in Malmö/Staffan Storm

A further three years funding of Malmö School of Music violin professor Marika Fältskog.