A new hart instrument

Henrik Bjursten

Every year, 150,000 Swedes are affected by heart disease and approximately 10% of these die of their disease. Health care has evolved rapidly to meet these diseases, and cardiac surgery represents an important part of the treatment. The disadvantage of surgery is that it is a major operation with a long convalescence, discomfort and risk of complications. The project aims to develop a new instrument to treat cardiomyopathy. The goal is a prototype that works in large animal experiments and to have 2-3 patent applications submitted.

Carbohydrate-based drugs against vaginal infections

Ulf Ellervik

Women-specific diseases are a relatively underdeveloped area in medicine and vaginal infections are very large and partially hidden problems where there is currently no effective treatment. This new, effective treatment against both fungal and bacterial genital infections will lead to both reduced suffering and economic gains.

A unique tool for the isolation of cells including cancer diagnostics and microbiology

AcouSort AB/Kristian Enkvist

Development of a unique system for handling particles, particularly in living cells, by ultrasonic waves in flow systems, so-called akustofluidik, which mainly applies to biomedical research and diagnostics. The project has two specific goals; an instrument and user applications for this.

The needle driver hybrid

Carl-Fredrik Rönnow

A large number of surgical procedures are carried out in health care where tissue/organ is opened and then sealed. The most common sealing method is suturing with needle and thread where the needle is held with a surgical instrument, a needle holder. Existing needle holders are not optimal for two handles, which means that the surgeon is forced to unfavourable grip changes. These grip changes takes time, is ergonomically unsound and leads to the surgeon unwittingly pulls the tissue the needle is stuck in. The invention “The needle driver hybrid” is an important modification of the needle holder, which enables locking of the needle in the different grips.

DIANOVATOR: Improved blood glucose control for insulin-treated diabetics

Fredrik Stål

People with insulin-treated diabetes lack or have severely impaired the body’s own ability to regulate blood sugar levels by secreting the hormone insulin, and must therefore take several injections of insulin daily. The project aims to develop a decision support for insulin-treated patients. Using mathematical algorithms to predict a decision support system for blood sugar development and calculating optimal insulin doses at any required time.

Jojnts – The digital physiotherapist against osteoarthritis

Jojnts AB/Leif Dahlberg

Development of a digital e-health application by a combination of enterprise / engineering / science / medicine, specifically targeted to people with joint problems and arthritis. Osteoarthritis, belonging to the chronic diseases, is the world’s most common joint disease and one of the four diseases with the biggest negative impact on the quality of life according to WHO. The goal with the application is to educate osteoarthritis patients about osteoarthritis to give them a better understanding what it means and how to improve their quality of life while learning to live with the arthritis