Women from Malmö tell their stories

Kira Förlag/Jeanette Rosengren

There are few books on women’s history in Malmö. This project is a collected documentation in the form of “oral history” from living women who in various ways helped to forma their 1900s. This makes the image Malmö’s history to become more complex and detailed. The book can be read by anyone interested in history and also used as study material in schools and workshops.

Pharmaceuticals and health

Andreas Vilhelmsson

The aim is to write a popular science version of the thesis “A pill for the ill? Depression, medicalization and public health. ” The thesis consists of four papers. The overall aim is twofold. Firstly, to describe and analyse the experiences of patients with antidepressants as a treatment for depression, based on how these are expressed in adverse event reports. Furthermore, to have a discussion about what it means that mental illness is a major public health problem.

Printing of the anthology ”The crime writers Swedish Landscape

Kerstin Bergman

The Swedish crime writer’s success and popularity today is beyond doubt. Something that often fascinates both Swedish and international readers are descriptions of the Swedish nature and anchorage in the local society, which can evoke feelings of both recognition and something exotic. What is missing in the Swedish book market is a book about just that: the Swedish crime writers description of nature and landscape. Each chapter in the anthology pictures a landscape and its nature seen by mainly a crime writer’s eyes.

Entrepreneurship and virtual approach: experience and lessons learned from the field of biotechnology

Avena Partners AB/Eskil Söderlind

Since the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing major structural changes, large company restructures and cuts down or is placed in virtual units and small virtual company starts, this require a new approach and new working methods for the successful development of business within biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. The goal is a book about virtual working and what requirements this imposes on the organization and implementation of project plans. Conclusions and comments also apply outside the biotechnology and pharmaceutical field and Can be applied generally in the area of entrepreneurship.

Books (A different and creative photo projects about books for books and exhibitions)

Åsa Karlsson

A big and unusual photo project about books. All images originates from a book or books in one way or another, but they are, like books, very different. The images describe the books from different angles and can get the audience to find out their own internal images of books. The project will have us consider what hardcover books mean to us? Other media are now taking over more and more of the books role. Does this development mean that this still so common medium will eventually disappear from people’s lives? In that case, what do we think of it?

Skåne Coast

John Webb

Primarily the book will provide a reference and a record for the future of how Skåne’s coast looked at this particular time in history. Secondly it will make it’s readers aware as to how the coast actually looks and through texts gives insight of possible threats and future developments. There are many books that show Skåne’s coast, but they do not address, or completely ignore, the uglier less beautiful, or less dramatic areas of the coastline and most can be seen as filled with images that will appeal to tourists and are made to sit on a coffee table.

Translation and printing of “Look! I fly across the sky. Dance play and fairy tale creation for children with disabilities

Teater Sagohuset/Stefan Hansen

Teater Sagohuset has during the nine last summers, and on the February vacation each year, implemented a highly regarded business with drama and dance for children with disabilities. The project Dance Drama Dialogue ended with experience sharing in the form of a method and inspirational booklet “Look! I fly across the sky! “Which was distributed to educators and staff working in primary and special schools. The project has attracted considerable attention and the booklet is now used extensively in various educational activities.

Geniuses speculate

Jenny Wickberg, Anne Jalakas and Marianne Hedenbro

The project will highlight some of the greatest social problems and with the help of researchers from Lund study them from new and unexpected angles. The goal is an interdisciplinary book series about where each research area stands today, but also with the researchers’ thoughts and ideas about where we are going, what comes next. We want to capture the playfulness and creativity of the processes in which major ideas are born. The books sets out from Lund University’s strong research and contains a tapestry of perspectives from different directions. The texts will highlight both the complexity and realization that solutions can sometimes be controversial.