Old ideas-new products

Mikael Westerberg

Large quantities of products, tools and methods have fallen into disuse and been forgotten. The project will collect things that deserve to be re-used, investigate the benefits and if necessary produce a new product and re-launch it by established producers and retailers. First is the old ”cooking box”. The utility is versatile: great energy saving, keeping the food warm without cost, tastier confit, no burnt food. The box can be used as a dry pantry and rescue of frozen food if the freezer breaks down or the power is out.

The Bicycle Pushchair

Lycke von Schantz

The Bicycle Pushchair is a product that, with the help of a handy docking system, acts both as a Bicycle Seat and a pushchair in a single product. The primary target are parents, men, women, grandparents and other adults who would consider to drive a pushchair and / or cycling with children. The product solves the problem when one parent cycles with the child to the nursery with bicycle and the other picks up the child from the nursery on foot.

A new method for diagnosis of pulmonary disease

JP Respiratory Technology AB/Jakob Löndahl

Pulmonary Disease COPD (KOL) is, according to the World Health Organization, the fourth leading cause of death worldwide and its prevalence is increasing. Of the more than 200 million people suffering from COPD 3 million dies annually. In Sweden, 500,000 to 700,000 people are affected. The ADT instrument is unique and patent is pending. In time, the method has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis possibilities for the lung disease COPD and thus slow down the disease progression of millions of people worldwide.

Temporary Individualized Support – TIS

Camilla Norberg Hansen

Temporary Individualized Support – TIS, is an offer of a resource person who systematically work with coordinating efforts for children and youths with disabilities. The service is a flexible deployment and represents an evolution of the current counselling and other personal support (LSS 9 § 1) and helps to increase the quality and effectiveness of the support offered to individuals within the scope of LSS. It is the child’s current needs that control the orientation of the venture but also the changing conditions in society as technology and other knowledge areas.

Validation of a tensid for cosmetics- and personal care applications

Enza Biotech AB/Maria Andersson

A new process of producing bio-based and functionally superior surfactants for both formulation of drugs and as an additive in cosmetics and personal care products. A totally new and unique process for the production of alkyl glycosides with long sugar chain, a surfactant type that has not previously been possible to produce with traditional chemistry. The process is accompanied by the type of surfactant composition manufactured and is patent pending in two different patents.

Film and moving media New tools for financing entrepreneurs

Ideon Innovation, Lunds Business Incubator AB/Katarina Scott

Today the transaction costs when entrepreneurs must seek resources to their start-up companies are huge, especially in an international market. The goal is to shorten the time for start-up companies and projects with international potential and who wish to recruit investors, partners or employees. Using professional filmmakers and storytellers to create the businesses in Lund Business Incubator company / product / investment films, thereby maximizing the impact on the message nationally and internationally.

Intelectual property strategy development

N-tigen Insights, AB/Bradley Thatcher N-tigen

Insights is focused on developing unique reagents, N-timer™ molecules, to fill unmet needs in the detection of intracellular proteins in living cells. The N-timer molecule is a small engineered peptide with high selectivity and specificity of binding to the target protein and the ability to penetrate living cells by a number of normal biological functions like endocytosis, diffusion, pinocytosis etc. Once inside the cell the N-timer molecule finds its target and binds (facilitating visualization of the protein) or harmlessly exits the cell.

Design as a driver for tomorrow’s portable fashion with function and mobile technology


The link between fashion and technology is predicted to be next years big trend. The market is new and more consumers are choosing to invest in portable products that make life easier. By the same product two or more persons would be able to communicate without answering the phone at an important meeting, look at your phone during a business lunch, disrupt your daughter lesson or your best friend who has quality time with his/her partner. To convey what one feels in the moment. Being able to replace feelings and thoughts, you would like to say, through the development of technology and along with fantastic coveted fashion products.