Adore Yourself

Arijola Delija

If more young people focus on healthier ideals, it will cause them to feel better by having healthier lifestyles. All the energy and time needed to think about what to eat and how to look, they would instead use to first of all strengthen themselves and feeling good. Adore yourself is an online course where young people learn about the body, food, fitness, self-confidence and self-esteem in a fun way that inspires and motivates them to really accept themselves just as they are.


Lund in Focus

Magnus Nylander

What is it that makes Lund to be Lund? The Knowledge Cabaret is a unique concept that creates a venue between improvisational theatre and academia. A meeting between wisdom and folly. For this unique meeting the audience is invited to share their thoughts and ideas with others, but also to gain new perspectives and possible answers to curious questions.


The Conference by Media Evolution

Media Evolution/Martin Thörnkvist

The Conference by Media Evolution is an international meeting place for people who want to change the world and have the right commitment to do so. For two days 1000 people are involved in a conference on Slagthuset in Malmö. Another 1000 people participate in workshops, master classes and meetups with the local community during the week of the Conference. The participants are decision makers and creators, the common denominator is that they work with communication in one way or another and they are determined that they have the power to change the world from their horizon.



Tuula Sjöholm

Together with the museums in Malmö an exhibition will be created that connects to a number of relevant lectures. The exhibition is based on the book “OUR TIME ON EARTH” – the welfare of the planet sustainable limits – written by Professor J. Rock Power & NG photographer Mattias Klum. The exhibition is aimed at children (special ‘feel – the picture show” for children), school children, students, corporations and municipalities. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the earth but also its fragility.


Experiment more

Fredrik Naversten

The goal is to tie the Technical Museum, and possibly other science centre in Skåne to the schools and thus enabling students to a possible contact with the scientific community. The aim is to increase interest and enthusiasm for science subjects, balancing theory with experiment, i.e. meet the students who have a learning style that is more focused on experimenting than to study theory and to spread understanding and insight of the scientific method and especially the interactions between experiments and theory.


Skånska Cancer Buddies from 10 family related perspective

Cancerkompisar/Inga-Lill and Alexandra Lellky

Cancer Buddies is a relay service where families of cancer victims make contact with others in the same situation. The Relay Service is open and free for everyone from 13 years upwards. Cancer Buddies is a non-profit organization, it was founded in 2013 and is referred to as a social innovation. The goal is to interview 10 people having different relationships to cancer to make 10 podcast broadcasts to reach out and spread information about Cancer Buddies, so yet more people can be supported. By spreading knowledge, employers will realize that it is necessary to look at the whole cancer situation, both the person who is ill and the family and other related persons.



Anagram Live AB/Yasemin Arhan Modéer

The reading problem among young people is one of our most pressing social, cultural and democratic issues. Not only because the competence for reading comprehension decreases so quickly, but also because the problem is cutting across all groups and strata of society. One problem with reading difficulty is that the groups and sectors most affected are rarely or never meet. Schools, libraries, book industry and scientists discuss all in their own organizations. README wants to change this. README will be an annual conference on reading.


The knowledge project Löddeköpinge Stave Church

Föreningen Viking Foundation/Lena Olofsson

Viking Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with the reconstruction of a Viking cultural landscape with farms and buildings, the dissemination of knowledge and to provide a more nuanced and realistic picture of Skåne Viking Age. The first Stave Church (1025) is one of the earliest dated churches in Skåne and the oldest known outside Lund. The Stave Church is to be reconstructed in full scale and in its original location.


Visualized science

Imaging Resource AB/Sten Sturefelt

The project aims to create an exhibition of images of invisible objects. Invisible objects means that they are not visible to the naked eye. The artwork in this exhibition consists of microscope images created by electron microscope which is then edited and colour added to create a new type of visualization. These images are created at the interface between science and art, and can thus be both fascinating, informative and beautiful.


Innovation in Mind

Lunds universitet – Innovation in Mind/Elisabet Johnson

Innovation in Mind 2014 – “From Knowledge to Action” – is a recurring annual venue that focuses on dialogue, participation and ‘workshop’. The focus is on innovations and the conditions for them to arise, to encourage new ways of thinking, to contribute to a better climate for innovation and to be a catalyst for new collaborations and constellations, by bringing together todays and tomorrows “thinkers”, “doers” and “movers” representing diverse backgrounds, skills and ways of thinking.


A book on Draka Kabel in Ystad, a report from a research circle

Lars Berggren

The Cable Factory Draka Cable in Ystad with 93 employees went out of business in 2010. Through initiatives from the study association ABF and the Centre for Labour History / University of Lund, the employees in the production, with the support of IF Metal and ABF, has together conducted a research circle started in January 2010. This has resulted in images, texts about the company’s history, the lively sports club and portraits of employees at the plant. The aim is to publish the book on Draka Cable in 2014.


A Metaphor for Democracy

Föreningen Dunkelbyrån/Albin Balthasar

The idea of the project is to develop the young, multidisciplinary performing art form “metaphor wrestling” as a democratic forum. Through a series of method development workshops and a number of public events in Malmö and Helsingborg, the project will in the autumn of 2014 open up and popularize the metaphor wrestling arena for public debate and intercultural dialogue in several languages.