Developing mentoring programs for young people in Malmö

Drivkraft Malmö started its operations in August 2011 with the goal to be a sounding board and support for students in everyday life. The focus is on students and their families in grades 6-8 with an offer of a mentor for the individual student and also a mentor for the whole family.

House Research Project in Schools

Research network Skåne (FS) driven by local schools has the aim to strengthen the contacts between schools and research, based on the needs and wishes of the students and teachers. Two main goals can be summarized with “scientific understanding” and “scientific ability”. To increase students’ understanding of research – no student should leave  school without an understanding of what research is, how scientists attack a problem and the role research plays in society. The other goal is helping to identify and support students who seem to have a special aptitude for research.

Urban Beekeeping – Beekeeping and pedagogy in local environment

The project aims to create a lasting network of cooperation among different stakeholders from the social economy, kindergartens and schools, property owners, and others, to develop and promote urban beekeeping in Malmö.

Didici AB – interaction learning

Interaktion Learning is an innovative pedagogy that has not yet been tested at primary school level and never in business life. SI leadership can be a major solution to raise the school results for the Swedish undergraduates and raise status of the teaching profession.

The Tree Finder

The project aims to identify, develop and launch the Tree Finder, an educational tool for children in the early school years. The tool comprises a program for tablets, an app, together with an instruction guide. The goal is that in a fun and entertaining way get kids out into the nature and teach them about trees and natures seasonal changes and to train children to observe their surroundings.

helamalmö – Stjärnresan

The youth organization ”helaMalmö” was founded by Malbas Basketball 2004. The aim of the activities and projects is to create better conditions for children and young people to meet and develop. ”Stjärnresan” is a short story and writing project that since 2006 has created considerable commitment among sixth graders in Malmö. Researchers at Malmo University described ”Stjärnresan” as an “extraordinarily concept to get young people interested in literature, education and training, but also interested in themselves – their own lives and their own stories.”