Nordic Well is a project within mHealth and sports/health with the vision to produce a fitness tracking product that simplifies for sports enthusiasts to measure their health and motivate a healthier lifestyle. The project aims to ensure that the sensor technology works satisfactorily for fitness sports but also examine what is required to be capable of measuring blood pressure in Healthcare.

Intelligent assault alarm

The intelligent assault alarm is a fundamental – and truly unique – cog in our “personal security platform.” This means that users can combine a simple, robust and intuitive method to trigger an alarm on an intelligent software solution in a mobile application.


Today there are very few ways to know how we perform physically without being monitored by professionals, at clinics and other facilities. We believe that collecting huge amounts of behavioral data can create many new and important applications that will help us improve fitness, healthcare, home treatment, workplace safety and proactively help people to a better life.

Enrichment of bacteria and bioparticles with acoustophoresis

The project aims to, through interdisciplinary approaches, considerably shortening analysis time of disease-carrying bacteria in medical diagnosis and treatment by enabling rapid enrichment of bacteria using microfluidics and ultrasound so that the bacteria can be detected faster.