Parforce S-Tone Hunters

Skånes Jaktjorn was founded in 1983 and is one of two established brass bands for Hunting Horns in Sweden. The project is motivated by the idea of creating a new brass band only for Parforce S Hunting Horns, which will culminate in yet another unique asset for music lovers.

Beyond the Preludes

Publication of of eight music analytical texts, research that has emerged over a long period of time, and which can bring musicians new knowledge and challenging music analysts with controversial comments.


A show where opera choral song gets to meet new circus. The starting point is to work with some of the smaller baroque operas. Discussions have started both with Circus Cirkör (based in Stockholm) and with Circus Saga from Malmö.

Galaconcerts with ”Lundalands filharmoniker”

With large gala concerts in barns, riding arenas and other unconventional locations ”Lundalands filharmoniker” will spread classical music in rural areas where other orchestras do not reach. The concerts will be marked by a festive mood and the soloists are world class

Ordering of an International komposition

An exclusive international composition order for the Swedish international top soprano Lisa Larsson and five symphony orchestras.

Publication of French and Swedish flute pedagogical text from the 16th and 17th centuries

There is a great need to raise awareness and availability of flute compositions and flute pedagogical texts from 1700 – and 1800’s. At present, these materials are almost completely unknown by professional flutists and researchers.

CD recording of baroque music from Skåne – ” Buxtehudekantater”

Release of a CD with the work of a skånsk Baroque composer Dietrich Buxtehude (1637-1707) performed by the Skåne singers, soloist ensemble Vox Scaniensis.

The St John Passion in the church of South Mellby

The aim is to have The St John Passion’s message reaching out to new groups of people. Kiviks congregation will perform The St John Passion to offer the congregation and the general public a professional high-quality performance in a rural area where the musical range is necessarily smaller than around the larger cities

In depth Musical meetings/Mellby Atelier

The project gives musicians the opportunity to meet without too much self-administrative and financial burden. In addition, ”Musik i Syd” has a “know how” and contacts to allow creative and fruitful meetings resulting in new musical dimensions.

Chamber music at ”Saltimporten”

There is no chamber music forum in Malmö. The idea of combining music with food, drink and socializing in a new forum outside the traditional concert scenes will attract both experienced and new listeners.