Lost in Stångby

“Lost in Stångby” is a fast and fun short film that deals with the somewhat brusque manager Lars who quickly needs to get to Beijing for an important business deal. You just have to take the train to Kastrup to then get on a plane. Did Lars think. A small mistake in the stress makes Lars board the train going in the wrong direction.

Multi Culti Catering

Multi Culti Catering is a social enterprise that fills a need in the market with a unique catering supply while creating employment for women with a foreign background. Multi Culti Catering is based on jobless women from, among other countries, Eritrea, Kosovo, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iran, with experience in cooking delicacies and simple “home cooking” from their respective home regions and homelands.

The paper helmet

In the growing and increasingly compact cities around the world the bike plays an increasingly important role in our daily transportation. Most large cities have systems with bicycles to rent an it has become increasingly popular. The spontaneous bicycle user, tourist and commuter can easily rent a bike in one part of the city and return it in another at a minimal cost. The reusable paper helmet provides a great benefit to society by offering a vital protection in a smooth and easy way.

Innovation in the countryside – Locally owned assisted living

The aim of the project is to develop and strengthen a, from many perspectives, long-term sustainable level of service for the elderly in rural areas, by developing a fugitive method for the creation of a local, user owned assisted living. A value​​-based home care services where users have influence over both the business and the surplus generated, while creating jobs locally and simultaneously with a positive impact on the environment.

Start-up– knowledge centre for diversity

To gather the knowledge and experience that Xenofilia has from working with ”Spices from Rosengård” they will create a center of diversity in Rosengård. Xenofilia will during 2013/2014 move into the house Botildenborg that will be a house filled with various activities that revolve around food, diversity, social innovation and education. The heart of Botildenborg will be a ”training kitchen” for development of ”Spices from Rosengård”s different services.

Demokratization of the Live Music Industry

A global online marketplace where anyone can propose, promote and book concerts. A direct link between artists, music venues and audiences will cut costs and match supply with demand. The project is based on the idea that all artists should have the opportunity to have their concerts and tours booked around the world wherever they have fans, without any financial risk and without geographic and social barriers.

Tapasin and its regulation of MHC class I

This project aims to validate a fragment of tapasin to be used as a functional immunomodulatory tool specific for tumor cells, either used on its own or in combination with MHC-I binding immunogenic peptide.

Development and patent application of a new medicine against blood poisoning (sepsis)

Sepsis (blood poisoning) is a serious disease, for which there are no approved drugs. The purpose of this project is to make it possible to evaluate the protein p33 as a new treatment for sepsis. The plan is to apply for a patent on protein p33 and do additional studies in order to allow a commercial development of the compound for future drugs.


Dig-Indie is a mobile application to sell digital music at live concerts and festivals.


Speximo provides technology to stabilize emulsions (mixtures of oil and water, found in food, cosmetics, paint, pharmaceuticals, etc.) without using surface active chemicals (surfactants, tensides, etc.).


Beehave will manufacture and sell a new type of hive (Beehave) that can “save the world” and put a stop to the mistreatment of bees. If beekeeping increases as part of garden/household, so does the number of bees and spread evenly across the country, which contributes to a broader pollination of crops and natural plants. Pollination is vital for the country’s cultivated foods and the owner of hive gets rewarded with honey